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Guns don't need to be tracked but internet surfing and cell phones should be.


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Bill C-51 could allow police to view people's web-surfing habits

The Conservative government plans to introduce a law on Monday that will allow police to better monitor the web-surfing habits of Canadians.

Entitled Bill C-51, "an Act to enact the Investigating and Preventing Criminal Electronic Communications Act and to amend the Criminal Code and others Acts," the law would require Internet service providers (ISPs) to install equipment that would allow them to monitor and preserve the Internet surfing activities of their customers. The providers could then be asked by police to collect and preserve surfing data of anyone suspected in engaging in criminal activity.

The law also makes it easier for law enforcement authorities to activate tracking mechanisms within cellphones so they can know the whereabouts of suspected criminals. If they're suspected of being international terrorists, the law would allow such tracking to go on for a year, rather than the current 60-day limit.

In recent months, open-Internet lobbyists and privacy advocates - including the privacy commissioner of Canada - have been warning the Conservative government not to adopt this bill, saying it is a serious infringement of civil liberties.

The bill, however, is not as invasive as some of the lobbyists had feared. Similar laws adopted in other countries have required ISPs to monitor the electronic communications of all their customers.

Montreal Gazette

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Thanks for pointing out another piece of crap Harper legislation that deserves to be squashed.

Seriously, how anyone can vote for these creeps is beyond me.

Please keep trying to stop the legislation anyway you can.

However, you lose a lot of credibility tying your post to efforts to rationalize gun control.

Gun control in Canada makes every gun owner jump through hoops wasting time and money.

Hunting weapons, long guns and shotguns are not "the gun problem".

Handguns and automatic weapons are the problem and they were already restricted and registered before the megabillion dollar boogle of "gun control".

The urban twits who do not understand this mostly reside in cities, and never get out in the field where guns are used properly and responsibly.

Yet they are in the majority and form a substantial voting block that the crooked politicians cannot ignore and to which the media panders.

The gangsters that are feeding off these twits don't register their guns anyway, so gun control doesn't affect them (except that they are the only ones who have these guns).

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