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VAN-MTL (Proposal)

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I recently made a much debated post about trading Malhotra in the Canucks Talk forum. Here is one deal that I think would work into it.


Mason Raymond

Manny Malhotra


Hal Gill

Travis Moen

2nd/3rd/4th Round draft pick.

Projected line ups

Sedin Sedin Bitz

Burrows Kesler Booth ( Energy Speed Skill)

Higgins Hodgson Hansen (Triple H line)

Moen Lapierre Weise

Bieksa Hamhuis

Salo Edler

Gill Ballard

If Bitz cant keep it up with the twins:

Sedin Sedin Burrows

Higgins Kesler Booth

Moen Hodgsen Hansen

Bitz Lapierre Weise

By adding a Dman without getting rid of Ballard it gives us amazing depth on the back end for the playoffs. With Rome, Alberts, Tanev, and Sulzer being able to play in case of injury.

And for forwards come playoff time MG has said he plans to bring Steven Reinprecht into the mix, another center thus making Malhotra more expendable for at least this playoff push. Meaning we would have Reinprecht, Ebbet, Duco, Volpatti, Pinizotto. If we get more than two injuries to our main line upof forwards it could be a little scary. If this deal were to be considered, there might need to be another deal sending a draft pick to someone for another depth forward.

Many people have been talking about replacing Raymond's spot with a more girtty player. Moen gives us that. He has potential to score goals if Hodgson is setting him up.

Malhotra is floating around the 3rd and 4th line not being as effective. Getting Gill gives us more size on D and replaces Manny's experience and leadership. Think of him as un upgrade over an Alberts type player but with more experience.

The draft pick coming our way depends on how much it would cost to get these guys but I think we should get some sort of compensation. If it was Malhotra and Raymond straight for Gill and Moen we lose the deal based on trade value even though it would improve our teams needs. The draft pick (whichever round) would make up for the trade value that Malhotra and Raymond have over Gill and Moen.

Fans of Raymond and Malhotra will obviously shut this deal down. But for the good of the team, and for winning a Cup this year I think its a good deal for us.


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