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Man Has Heart Attack at Heart Attack Grill


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by SodaHead News Posted February 15, 2012 (5 hours ago)

It was bound to happen -- practically written into their policy: The Heart Attack Grill, a restaurant chain known for its high-calorie menu, caused someone to actually have a heart attack. In the restaurant. The man, thought to be in his 40s, did survive, but had to be wheeled out of the chain's Las Vegas location by paramedics. He was eating a Triple Bypass Burger, which sounds even more ironic until you learn Bypass Burgers are all they offer.

The Heart Attack Grill has a simple menu: Single, Double, Triple, and Quadruple Bypass Burgers -- each one adding an additional 2,000 calories -- and Flatline Fries fried in pure lard. The burger the man was eating contained three half-pound patties, 12 "rashes" of bacon, onion, tomato, and hefty slabs of special sauce. The chain is also known for offering free food to customers over 350 pounds.

But chain executive (and former Jenny Craig diet centre employee) Jon Basso says the restaurant does draw lines, "I actually felt horrible for him because the tourists were taking photos of him as if it were some type of stunt. Even with our own morbid sense of humour, we would never pull a stunt like that." Would you ever eat at The Heart Attack Grill?

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What the heck is wrong with Americans and their portion sizes? Its disgusting in one meal they get their total calorie intake for the day lol. Who doesn't like bacon but 12 pieces on a burger? It was just a matter of time before that restaurant lived up to its name.

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