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Best games no one's played or heard of


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So, i've been on short term disability for too long (lots of time on my hands)... Dusted off the old Genesis...

and I'm 26... So I've had a lot of time to play try several consoles, through several gaming era's and play hundreds of games.

Had the luxury of playing some real hidden gems too, and unfortunately likely missed just as many.

So, why not share, and see if I can't kill my time a little better trying out some new games...

So... I'll start.

Shadowrun (GENS)

Great open ended CyberPunk RPG... The amount of detail this game contains on such an old platform is pretty amazing... It's got a great atmsophere, and very fitting music.

If you enjoy A) CyberPunk B ) Don't know what cyberpunk is, enjoy rpgs, and enjoyed BladeRunner (movie) C) Enjoy open ended rpg's on old consoles or D) All of the above, TRY IT!

Shadowrun (SNES)

Great linear RPG. A bit similar to it's GENS counter-part... But you're pretty much on a fixed path. Definitely worth playing, for the same reasons as the above mentioned (except the open ended rpg part, try this if you like linear rpgs)

Gemfire (SNES)

Like turn based war strategy games that don't drag on with politics or development? BAM! GEMFIRE'S FOR YOU! It's like the dumbed down version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms (same developer). If you haven't heard of RotTK, you likely don't enjoy turn based war strategy games, and needless to say, don't try Gemfire!

Anyways, 3's enough for now.

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This should probably be in Gaming...

you might like Tactics Ogre for SNES, basically Final Fantasy Tactics before FFT existed

If you're really into wasting time with RPGs, playstation is the best way to go. Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX and Tactics, Xenogears, Breath of Fire III and IV, Legend of Dragoon, Parasite Eve, Chrono Cross, Lunar SSS and EB, etc.

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