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The Bourne Legacy

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Release date is Aug 3 2012. Exactly 5 years to the day after the release of The Bourne Ultimatum.

Matt Damon is NOT in it. Jason Bourne is NOT the star character in it. Jeremy Renner is the new star playing an all new character (most will recognize him from The Hurt Locker, Mission impossible Ghost Protocol, The Town etc.) Not some pretty boy but a serious actor. Ed norton, Rachel Weisz, Joan Allen, Scott Glenn round out the main players.

View the trailer and info at the official site : http://www.thebournelegacy.net/

Its a bold move to contimue the series without the star that it was completely based around from the beginning and no matter how good it is there will be many crying bloody murder.Think its got what it takes to contimue the Bourne series or is this turkey gonna burn? Can Renner fill Damons shoes? Im not too sure itll pan out but I like the choice of Renner as the star. IF they can pull it off we can be treated to a whole new series of Bourne movies. I like that idea.

EDIT: The Bourne Ultimatum alone raked in half a billion reasons for the studio to try to keep the series alive.

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I am super stoked for this movie.

Jeremy Renner > Matt Damon :P

There's a chance that Damon will be back in future Bourne movies though. I think Damon asked them to write it so that it doesn't rule out a Bourne return. He just didn't want to be in this one without Greengrass.

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