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[Trade] Cody Hodgson to Buffalo

Guest AriGold

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Guest AriGold

To Buffalo : Cody Hodgson, Alex Sulzer

To Vancouver: Zack Kassian and Marc-Andre Gragnani

I would like to say i like this trade alot. Kassian is a monster and hasnt been given a fair shake just like Hodgson.

Gillis on Kassian: "What's not to like? He's 6-foot-4, 225 pounds and just turned 21. The only real power forward we have is Booth."

Zack Kassian


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The whole talk of "Hodgson doesn't cut it as a 3rd liner always behind Kes n Hank" is such a sad argument.. I thought Hodgson would be ready by the time the twins leave town to take over the leadership role as captain and be our first line center.. One of the hardest things to come by in this league.

As is Kassian's Canadian power forward grit that is just as hard to come by. But Hank isn't going to be here forever and Kesler is getting no younger

This trade just saddens me because of the way Hodgson has played this season in key situations vs the big teams in the big games like Chicago, Boston and Detroit.. He is a definite playoff guy too (everyone remember his MVP in WJC 16 pts in 6 games)..

Gragnani broke some big records down in the AHL too so he's a good upgrade on Sulzer.

Hoping dearly that Kassian can have that impact player status come Bean town n Lucic this year and years to come .. Remember he is younger than Hodgy n is still a GREAT young 21 year old prospect.

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This guy was supposed to be our captain in the future

We just lost a huge part of our 2ndary scoring. Kesler's line has been so inconsistent and have the Sedins. What happens when one or both are shut down?

Clearly we were too deep at centre but wow losing Cody is tough.

He will be missed but I wish him well.

Will be interesting to see how Kassian and Gragnani do. Lots of pressure on them to make this trade worth it. Nice to have some size on fwd now.


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