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Trying to get away from the deadline day grinches.


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K so as i think many of us expected a billion or so views have been posted on the team since shipping CoHo out and it seems that everyone freaks out about how we just got a big goon and had to give up the future captain or something along those line but there are a few things i havent seen pointed out yet.

1. Kassian is a year younger then Hodgson, maybe thats just splitting hairs but he hasnt had the time to mature the same way Cody has.

2. We also got Gragnani, for those of you that dont know the man currently holds the scoring record for the Sabres farm team and is only 24 and still coming into his own. No doubt that Hodgson is further along in his development then Kassian but Sulzer is no where near the player Gragnani is.

3. Kassian is gonna benefit from the team the same way Hodgson did. We often have the perception that AV was keeping CoHo from being the best player he could be but by not putting unneeded pressure on the man he was able to develop and do things at his own pace and build up his confidence. That is huge in player development.

4. and this is the point that has allowed me to get over the fact that we dealt Cody, Jensen-schroeder-Kassian. In 5 years these guys are gonna be the west coast express reborn just better. Its like if you took the best parts of the Bert, nassy, and Mo, put it in a stir pot and dealt it out to three players. This line also Schroeder to over come his size playing with 12 and a half feet of hockey player on his wings and Jensen has a very similar list of talents to Naslund, the quick and accurate shot, the speed, Nassy had hands Jensen might not be able to match but Jensen has more body.

CoHo is gonna go on to do great things, but in a hockey deal you have to deal players to get players and when Kassian does what he has the ability to do we are gonna forget all about Cody and when Gragnani develops a little more he is gonna be that defencemen we want so bad, maybe he already is but at the end of the day we dealt a guy who was just finding his potential and plug player for a guy that has just as high a ceiling and a skill set we need way more and a blue chip prospect who could be one of the best defencemen on our team in the next 5 years. We dont need to win know because we have the guys to win in the future and alot of that has to do with this trade/

In GMMG we trust!

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