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Rush Limbaugh's sex comments drive off California advertiser


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Rush Limbaugh's sex comments drive off California advertiser

March 2, 2012 | 12:23 pm


Rush Limbaugh’s controversial comments on sex and birth control has cost his show a longtime California advertiser.

Sleep Train, a Sacramento-area mattress company, announced late Thursday night that it is pulling its advertisements after more than 25 years.

“We don’t condone negative comments directed toward any group. In response, we are currently pulling our ads from Rush with Rush Limbaugh,” the company said on Twitter.

Limbaugh, a conservative commentator whose first radio show was on KFBK 1530 in Sacramento, called a law student a “slut” and a “prostitute” for supporting access to birth control.

Sleep Train faced a barrage of online criticism for advertising on the show. One Twitter user wrote that, “If you support Rush Limbaugh unfortunately I cannot support you again as a consumer.”

After Sleep Train announced it was pulling its advertisements, another user wrote, “Thank you @theSleepTrain for not supporting misogyny. You're a good egg.”

Sleep Train and Rush Limbaugh have a long history together, with both finding their footing in Sacramento around the same time. Company owner Dale Carlsen recalled in a 2005 interview being talked into having Limbaugh, then a local radio host, being Sleep Train’s spokesman soon after the first store opened in 1985.

"The ad guy said, 'Now he's a little bit controversial, but he needs a bed, would you take care of him?'" Carlsen told the Sacramento Bee. "I needed every sale that I could get at that time, so I said, 'Yeah, bring him in and I'll take care of him.'"

Limbaugh continued to promote Sleep Train for at least the next two decades, according to the Bee.

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Its funny that this right wing "conservative" has had gay rumors around him for over a decade now. Nothing wrong with being gay unless you are a right wing wacko espousing family values and calling any and everyone else such terrible things. Also been making homophobic statements on his show as well.

From The Usual Suspects: A rumors not a rumor that doesnt die.

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Here is a list of the companies we believe to be Rush's advertisers. (Note, things are happening very quickly, so we cannot guarantee right now that these are all current advertisers). We will update these as they react to the "Boycott Rush" movement, or confirm they are no longer supporting him.

  • AOL: Their "TechGuru" service offers a discount "exclusively for Rush Limbaugh listeners" (click to see) (UPDATE: AOL says it has "suspended" its advertising. This is not the same as dropping him, but it's a good start)

  • AutoZone (UPDATE: They say that they do not sponsor Rush, and that if a commercial was run, it was in error)

  • Carbonite (UPDATE: They've dropped him!)

  • Citrix (UPDATE: Citrix has pulled their ads!)

  • Lear Capital

  • LegalZoom (UPDATE: LegalZoom has confirmed with us directly that it is pulling its ads!)

  • LifeLock

  • Oreck (UPDATE: Oreck says it does not now advertise on Rush, but may have had some ads on a while back as part of a broad media buy)

  • ProFlowers: (UPDATE: They've dropped him! This is a big win, since they had been featuring "Rush Limbaugh discount codes" earlier. Oh. My. God. They are actually featuring "Rush Limbaugh discount codes")

  • Sears: Sears says that it does not advertise on Rush, but that an ad may have been run in error. However, an ad was heard late last week on the show, so this is a question mark for now.

  • Sleep Train: (UPDATE: Victory! They have pulled their ads! -- source)

  • Sleep Number: (UPDATE: Victory! They have pulled their ads! -- source)

  • Quicken Loans (UPDATE: Appears to be a victory here too, as they are reportedly pulling ads as well!)

  • TaxResolution: (UPDATE: They have "suspended" their advertising)


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Rush Limbaugh Loses More Advertisers, But Protests: ‘The Left Made Me Do It’

Published: March 05, 2012 @ 12:33 pm

By Sharon Waxman


Rush Limbaugh apologized on Monday as he lost two more advertisers and Peter Gabriel’s music for his conservative radio talk show in the fallout from having called a female law student a “slut.”

That made a total of nine sponsors who have distanced themselves from the talk show host, who is not known for restrained language on the most uneventful of days.

Meanwhile, rock star Peter Gabriel also demanded that his song, “Sledgehammer,” be pulled from the show.

The two latest sponsors were AOL and Tax Resolution Services, joining ProFlowers, which bowed out over the weekend despite an apology by Limbaugh to Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke.

AOL posted a statement on Facebook that read:

“At AOL one of our core values is that we act with integrity. We have monitored the unfolding events and have determined that Mr. Limbaugh’s comments are not in line with our values. As a result we have made the decision to suspend advertising on ‘The Rush Limbaugh Radio show.’”

On his Facebook page, Gabriel said he was "appalled" to learn that his song had been associated with the attack on Fluke:

"Peter was appalled to learn that his music was linked to Rush Limbaugh's extraordinary attack on Sandra Fluke," the singer wrote on his page. "It is obvious from anyone that knows Peter's work that he would never approve such a use. He has asked his representatives to make sure his music is withdrawn and especially from these unfair aggressive and ignorant comments."

For its part, Tax Resolution Services tweeted: “We have decided to join other advertisers and suspend our sponsorship of ‘The Rush Limbaugh Show.’”

Limbaugh started a national firestorm of criticism last week after he attacked Fluke, as a “slut” and a “prostitute.” Fluke testified before Congress supporting the notion that religious institutions should provide medical coverage for female contraception.

He addressed the issue again on his show on Monday, even as advertisers continued to tumble, blaming the left for pushing him to extreme tactics:

"I don't expect, and I know you don't either, morality or intellectual honesty from the left," he said. "...This is the mistake I made: in fighting them on this issue last week, I became like them. Against my own instincts, against my own knowledge, against everything I know to be right and wrong, I descended to their level. I feel very badly about that."

After apologizing again, Limbaugh went on to address advertisers from his show:

Calling it a "shame," he said, "They decided they don't want you or your business anymore. This program is always about you I knew the political inclinations of these people. They didn't care that they were profiting, and I didn't either. No radio broadcast will succeed by putting business ahead of the needs of its loyal audience."

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Looks like there wasn't any loss of advertisers after all. Just a bunch of fools that got sucked in, haha

Clearing Up Misinformation on Our Sponsors

March 07, 2012


RUSH: I want to ask if you will indulge me for just a brief few minutes for some inside baseball stuff before we move on to our review of the issues of the day, politics and so forth, Super Tuesday, the results, and where we are. The reason for this is, once again, so much misinformation about this program and advertisers is in the mainstream media. People are reporting things that, A, are not true, and B, I don't even think the people reporting it have the slightest idea what they're talking about, nor do they have the ability to understand it.

But I know that many of you are spending a lot of time -- God bless you -- on the Web doing what you can to express your support for the program. And judging from the reaction of my own brother, who sends me a note last night, "You really lost 28 sponsors?" No, we have not lost 28 sponsors. "Well, how can they say it?" Because they lie and because they don't understand how it works, and that's what I want to try and explain. In fact, folks, we have three brand-new sponsors that will be starting in the next two weeks. Now, obviously, I'm not gonna tell you who they are today, but we've got three brand-new, full-fledged sponsors starting in the next two weeks.

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Georgetown Law School student Sandra Fluke famously testified on Feb. 23 that contraception can cost her fellow students $3,000 over three years. But less than three miles from campus is a Target retail store that sells monthly birth control pill packs to consumers whose insurance plans do not cover contraception. The cost? Just $9.

For law students who choose to use contraception for those three years, that would mean spending $324, CNS News reported. That’s a far cry from what Fluke testified it would cost.

Thought some of you would get a smile out of this. I cant stand that windbag, but I see his point totally. If America is retarded enough to get insurance companies to pay for contraception then they are waay worse off as a nation than I though .

This young lady has her head on straight take a look !


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I don't like Rush or Beck, neither do I like Maher or Olbermann. Thank God Canada doesn't have radical political pundits like that.

I don't support Rush's comments either and, especially with International Women's Day around the corner, women should not be referred to as "sluts" or "prostitutes".

However, I think this is appropriate (especially in light of vanfan73's post about the $9 birth control packages).


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