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Clb Trading 1St Overall Pick *source

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According to Marc Antoine Godin of the La Presse in Montreal that “NHL execs from three different teams told me CBJ are expected to trade their 1st round pick (likely 1st overall) at upcoming draft.” This according to Godin's twitter feed.

Nail Yakupov TSN Bio

He took North America by storm last season, breaking the 100-point barrier as an OHL rookie and leading Russia with 13 points in seven games at the U-18's - whetting scouts' appetites for his draft year. Averaged more than two points a game for Sarnia before suffering a knee injury at the WJCs. Strengths: Unbelievable skill level in every facet of his game - quick feet, tremendous burst, top-notch agility, slick hands, dangerous shot, quick release. Plays bigger than he is, not afraid to get his nose dirty and take a hit to get the puck. Already plays a North American style, and should have little trouble adapting to the NHL game - very competitive. Weaknesses: Lack of size will prevent him from playing a rugged style in the NHL every shift, tries to do too much with the puck and he could use linemates more at times. NHL upside: Has been called a mini-Ovechkin. Will make you pay the price with a big hit, but doesn't pack the same wallop as Ovechkin due to a lack of size. Has the dynamic skill set to be a first-line NHL winger.

CLB draft history of picking Russians hasn't been good, ie. Filatov, Zherdev. The asking price would be sky high. Vancouver has a nice carrot to dangle in Schneider but what else would it take? I'll provide a couple of options to get the conversation going.


Schneider + Nucks 1st rd pick


Schneider + Nucks 1st rd pick + Forward (Raymond, Hansen, Schroeder, Rodin, Jensen)


Schneider + Nucks 1st rd pick + Defencemen (Ballard, Tanev, Gragnani, Connauton, Sauve)

What do you think it would take?

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Longterm; I think this is going to end up being another Ovechkin Vs Malkin.

Ovie has lots of trophies sure, but no rings.

I'll take Grigorenko over Yakupov; Bigger, and a C. and for any rebuilding team; a strong C is more important than a strong winger.

CBJ can keep the pick.

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.....and superdumo...if Luongo is unhappy or wants a change of scenery...he very well request a trade...a no trade clause can be manipulated...if Schneider won the starting position, my guess is Lou would want to go to a team where he was number one,

Not only does Lou feel great pressure playing in Vancouver...he feels Cory breathing down his neck....Lou knows that Cory is outplaying him...the stats reflect this.

Cory sees more shots per game..has a better GOA and SP...Lou is going backwards. Maybe its you that doesn't get it !!

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If Gauthier is out as the Habs GM and someone competent is given the job I can see Montreal seriously trying to swap their first for Columbus' 1st overall and I think it'd be a good move on their part to do so. Maybe like their 1st and Pacioretty for 1st overall and Dorsett or something.

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No way Columbus would trade out of the top 5. If Vancouver were to trade for the 1st overall, it would take Vancouver's 1st, Schneider, Edler, at the very least.

And people here need to stop with the "insert superstar name for Ballard, Raymond, and 1st." For the last 2 seasons, Raymond and Ballard's worth has plummeted, they have negative value. Not only that, because Raymond has played below expectations, he'll likely be re-signed by the Canucks for at least a million less per year than what he is currently getting. Raymond is actually a benefit to the Canucks after this season due to his terrible play the past few years.

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Yakupov has all the skills but I don't think his body will hold up to the NHL. He reminds me of a better Gilbert Brule, who loved to crash and bang in juniors but couldn't translate that to the NHL. Yakupov will try but I think will end up injury prone or trying to adapt his game to only the skill side.

Another note, at this point no one knows if CBJ's pick will be #1 or #5. There's a big difference in what I give up between those spots.

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Columbus trades Rick Nash @ the draft for boatload of picks and prospects. Lets say 2 first rounders in the package.



1st 2012


Ryan Johansen

1st 2012 (LA, or any other pick that they acquired through Nash deal) BUT NOT their 1st


Ryan Johansen is a Vancouver kid. He is a very good hockey player and has an even +/- rating (or -1 now) on an overall - team. He gets almost no playing time...even worse than what Cody Had here. In his last 5 games, he's been getting like 8:20 minutes a game...Yet, he has put up 18 points, and he just turned 19.

Since being drafted, Johansen has grown to 6'3 and is now 203 pounds. He has very good vision, and doesnt shy away from confrontation, although he's no rough guy by any means. Draws comparisons to Getzlaf and Thornton, and is widely believed to become a number 1center in the not too distant future. Plays a solid 2 way game as well (indicated by +/- since he's on a god awful team).

Johansen-Kassian would be our build for the future, with Schroeder-Jensen coming up as well.

The other pick we would receive would be in the 15-20 range, where the skill drop off in this years draft isnt that extreme. We could always make another package for a 10-15 pick by adding our second or so.

Columbus gains their starting goalie of the future, and could have a potentially sick duo in Schneider-Mason. Obviously Schneider will be the starter, but maybe his presence will jump start Mason, and he'll regain his calder form. This would leave them with 2 young goalies, allowing them to trade Mason elsewhere in the future for even more cup board re-stocking items.

They acquire our draft pick which doesnt hurt. They give up Johansen, but he isnt exactly meshing perfectly there, and they get Schneider whose way more proven, along with a bunch of prospects from the Nash deal, and their 1st overall...



1st round pick (vancouver)

1st round pick (nash trade)

1st round pick (nash trade/LA Carter deal)

That is a very solid off season for CBJ, and they will be well into their rebuild.




Schroeder-Johansen-Kassian---Our version of the kid line.


in a few years:

-jensen will make the jump

-1st rounder from Schneider trade

-future 1st rounders

very solid. Thoughts?

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