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[Report] Sidney Crosby Will Play Thursday Against The New York Rangers

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I personally don't give 2 craps about the Crosby injury saga, and haven't for the past 3-4 months. Its just so ridiculous! Yea, he's a great player, I respect him very much and like him, but for his return back, its just so stupid now. There's a rumour he might be back 1 month from now, ever day, there will be wasted talk on him on sports channels for like 5-10 minutes where we'd like to see the highlights, and its just so boring now. I remember it was all-star break, and Crosby and his agent try getting attention by having a press conference, that basically goes worldwide cause its so media pumped - why couldn't they just wait after the all-star break? Who knows....

I'm excited myself to see Crosby return, who wouldn't want to see the worlds best hockey player back on ice, but for all the talk and wasted time that goes into Crosby, forget it; I'm not taking any of it - too much time on him, and his return is far away (Obviously not talking about this) when they do talk.

I can't wait though to see him back, and hopefully, he stays for a longer period this time around :)

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