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Favorite Hip-Hop/rap Song From Back In The Day?

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Guest AriGold

AZ - sugar hill

DPG - music makes me high

mya f/ jay -z - best of me

biggy - b side

bone thug - thuggish ruggish bone

112 - cupid

sisqo - thong

mob deep - quite storm

akinyele - put it in your mouth

all akinyele!!!

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De La - breakadawn

De la - ego trippin

Beastie Boys - 3-minute rule

Beastie Boys - high plains drifter

Beastie boys - car thief

Jungle Brothers - I'm in love with indica

Jungle Brothers - jimbrowski

Blacksheep - flavor of the month

Blacksheep - similar child

DJ Quick - sweet black p****

DJ Quick - tonight

DJ Quick - mo' p****

Ice Cube - Nappy Dugout

Ice Cube - once Upon a time in the projects

Ice Cube - Wicked

NWA - express yourself

NWA - parental discretion Iz Advised

NWA - appetite for destruction

NWA - approach to danger

NWA - she swallowed it

NWA - 100 miles and runnin

Easy E - gimme that nut

AMG - b**** betta have my money

Comptons most wanted - hood took me under

Too many to name.

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back in my day we used to jam these cuts:

Grandmaster Flash: white lines, the Message

Africa Bambaataa: Planet Rock

Eric B. and Rakim: Paid in Full

Kurtis Blow: The Breaks

way to many to mention but other notables would be:

Tribe Called Quest

Leaders of the New School

De la Soul

Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock

and who could forget Canadian bad boy: Maestro Fresh Wes....FTW!

- Paid In Full

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That was metal, not rap.

Just listened to it right now. It's pretty demented and was obviously controversial enough to get pulled off the CD, but the guy does have a valid and legitimate point about police abuse of powers.

Thank god for YouTube and the Internet for letting us get past the censors.

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