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Unsung Hero of the Vancouver Canucks  

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Unsung: not celebrated or praised.

Now a lot of you are probably wondering why Luongo is in this poll and not Schneider and it's because it seems as if Luongo has received less appraisal from the fan base than Schneider. I'd have to pick Luongo as the unsung hero because he gets barely any credibility in this city and endures more crap than anyone on this team in terms of fan and media negativity. Yet for 80% of the season, Luongo has been one of the best goalies in the league and has arguably been the star of the game more than anyone else on the team this season.

As far as skaters go, Higgins would be my choice because of his incredibly consistent work ethic and he's the team leader in takeaways, which is often underrated in hockey. I'd say Hamhuis is the most underrated defenceman because I rarely notice him (which is good) and he's a +20 --another underrated aspect of the game.

Honourable mentions go to Hansen (just because he won it last year) and Malhotra (who has played 4th line minutes for the entire year).

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To be honest, I actually cannot think of anyone.

Luongo has a horrible october, and has been alright since. Was spectacular for a stretch, but by no means do I think he is the MVP in any way shape or form (unsung or ...sung)

Sedins....not unsung

Kesler...Not unsung

Booth...Not quite

Hansen...not this year

Lapierre....Probably closest bet


All of defense: streaky so no

schneider: maybe?

Higgins: probably but injuries got in the way

Raymond: lol

Burrows: Another candidate

pahlsson/Kassian- not enough time

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for me it Higgins

to be honest I thought that guy's done when I saw him in MTL. what a turnaround he's had.

I love his work ethic and his hustle around the boards.

if not him, def. Hamhuis. everyone else is not even close IMO (Luongo is not an unsung hero I think, same as the Sedin's, Salo and Kesler)

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Higgins hands down. For the obvious reasons. He's hardly ever mentioned, but he's been producing at a 2nd line rate, while having stints on the 3rd line as well.

He's on pace for 44 points in 71 games, which is 51 points in 82 games. He's been a fantastic energy player for our team and has been quite underrated by a lot of people so far this season.

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I would have picked higgy if not for all the praise he's received recently for his consistency (from AV no less) among others. However, throughout the season, you watch Dan Hamhuis and he's just so smart. He makes such intelligent plays in the zone, rarely makes high risk plays, and his first pass is crisp. Defensively he covers for his partner really well, reads the play and makes shutting down top players look relatively effortless.

One of the biggest things about losing Hammer in the finals last year was that we lost our most consistent dman.

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Higgins gets all the praise and rightfully so.

As he is sung to the rafters for his stellar play it is undoubtedly Dan Hamhuis.

No drama,top d man,reliable and clutch are his names.

Gives to the community selflessly.

Hands down.

Honorable mentions to Lappy and Salo.

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