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How Is This Team Tougher Then Last Year?


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I don't get last year we had raffi torres, tanner glass and victor oreskovich

ok raffi torres and victor oreskovich I still remember starting the playoffs they hit every moving player brought energy...

even tanner glass had some edge

so are we tougher this year here is whom we have currently

maxuim lappriere - ok this guy is a another Avery face it canucks fans he doesn't bring toughness he brings a different element

manny malhorta - still no toughness here?

and finally zack kassian - thas it? this is our one player we have for toughness? How many times will he fight in a game to try sparking the team or hit? he is just one player !

I dont know what the plan is for this team come playoffs but we don't look tougher then last year thats for sure...

also before you say we have toughness they are healthy scratches then whos the odd man out? i know for sure AV won't bench raymond, manny or lapriere? I think Gillis made a foolish mistake come deadline day he should of traded away either manny or laprierre or even raymond........... This team does not look tougher then last years team........

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not a problem

"I think Gillis made a foolish mistake come deadline day "

one minute you complain about a lack of toughness

the next you are suggesting that moving a small finesse center and adding Kassian and Pahlsson was a foolish mistake?


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Lappiere is a troll, but not stupid. He will crash with the best of em without dumb penalties, Zack will be unleashed, Bitz may make some appearances. I really like Wiese, more so than Bitz in a fast paced game. Edler beast mode will activate, and hopefully Bieksa. It seemed we out hit everybody last year, even Boston, it just took its toll on our lighter players. Other than Bieksa we really dont have great fighters but i dont thinks its a problem aslong as we stand our ground after the whistle.

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We'll be fine come playoffs because our depths players have the size and toughness we may need come playoffs. Bitz, Duco and Weise are all going to get put into the line up(not all at once obviously) during the playoffs IF needed. Thats a big IF because we might not be playing against a team where we will require size and toughness but IF we do, they're there to be utilized.

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In my opinion our forwards definately got tougher.......

-We lost torres but we gained Kassian (bigger, willing to drop gloves against bigger opponents (although he didn't fare that well against Staubitz at least he dropped the gloves) , possibly may try to hit everything that moves come playoff time).

-Weise has the ability to also be a big hitter in the playoffs given his speed. He's a definate upgrade over Glass.

-we still have Oreo and can call him up at any time

-Booth may not necessarily drop his gloves, but come playoff time with his speed and ability to hit will be tougher to play against than Sameulsson.

-Pahlsson will be tougher to play against than whoever we had as our 4th line center during the playoffs. (was it Bulduc or glass?)

-we have Bitz who we can sub in at any point and provides a big body that we didn't have last year.

However I feel our D is soft (and we didn't address this at the deadline!) thus I think it's important to play Rome over MAG.

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Torres? Great, quality player for his roll.

Glass? Soft as hell, can't perform under pressure

Oreskovich? So, so invisible.. Thinks he's a scorer when he's not.

Bitz? Hard hitting, strong, large forward with okay hockey skills.

Kassian? Big power foward with a lot of potential for scoring

Weise? Scraps when he has to, plays with his heart

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Kassian doesn't hit. Kassian needs to hit. He NEEDS to. If he doesn't, send him to the farm and call up somebody/dress somebody that does.. Like Weise. Or Bitz.

The game against Montreal was horrendous. They just went around destroying the Sedins (Mostly PK), and nobody hit him or fought him? Okay Kassian, go fight the other tough guy on the other team.. that really does a ton to help us, not. I know he's his friend and all, but Kassian needs to show he can actually stick up for him team mates. He had better show that within these next games here.

PS, Bitz or Weise would not have even flinched and gone after PK.

PS, PS, Where the hell has Kesler's Physical presence gone!? :sadno:

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