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he's finally got two guys on his wings (Booth and Higgins) who can drive the net or score. Why wouldn't he use them from time to time? Besides, when he starts doing that it'll make him and the line harder to defend since he can drive, pass OR snipe it instead of always having to take it himself.

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It helps when he has good linemates to pass to

Raymond is a play killer because nothing ever comes from passing the puck to him. Booth and Higgins actually do something to create chances so I'm sure Kesler is more willing to pass

The other day one of the kids I coach in Pee Wee came to me with the same problem. He was like "coach I know it's good to be a team player and all that but...my linemates suck! Can I at least have ONE player who knows what to do when I pass to him!?" haha i had to lol for a minute and then I gave him a good linemate and he scored a hatty (no joke).

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