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Nhl Strike Imminent?

NHL Strike  

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Just watched some of the interviews etc... from the meetings. It sure seems with NHL team cancelling opening the season overseas that they are preparing for a work stoppage.

I cannot imagine these morons who make too much money to ruin our game could let this happen twice in a decade, but maybe.

There was a lot of posturing with one GM evening stating he would have traded for Nash if there was not NHL uncertainty beyond this season.

It was a long year back in 04...

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won't happen, there are not any big issues like imposing a salary cap on the table.

the uncertainty isn't about a stoppage, it's about the cap dropping, since the nhlpa is expected to get an increased share of revenues, causing the cap to drop to about 60mill the following season.

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They better not have a lockout next year. I'd be bored as hell. But maybe I would follow the AHL? I'm not sure.

As Incineration says it, everyone loses in a lockout. From coaches, players, referees, venues to fans, everyone is affected.

Read here. Bill McCreary had to turn to "building kitchen cabinets" for income.

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