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Jesus May Have Been A Hermaphrodite, Claims Academic


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Jesus may have been a hermaphrodite, claims academic

A feminist theologian has stoked controversy by publishing a paper arguing that Jesus might have been a hermaphrodite.

By John Bingham, Religious Affairs Editor

6:00AM GMT 02 Mar 2012


Dr Susannah Cornwall claimed that it is “simply a best guess” that Jesus was male.

Her comments, which are bound to provoke fury in some quarters, were published in response to the ongoing debate about women bishops in the Church of England.

Dr Cornwall, of Manchester University’s Lincoln Theological Institute, describes herself on her blog as specialising in: “Research and writing in feminist theology, sexuality, gender, embodiment, ethics and other fun things like that.”

In her paper “Intersex & Ontology, A Response to The Church, Women Bishops and Provision”, she argues that it is not possible to know “with any certainty” that Jesus did not suffer from an intersex condition, with both male and female organs.

In an extraordinary paper she says: “It is not possible to assert with any degree of certainty that Jesus was male as we now define maleness.

“There is no way of knowing for sure that Jesus did not have one of the intersex conditions which would give him a body which appeared externally to be unremarkably male, but which might nonetheless have had some “hidden” female physical features.”

Dr Cornwall argues that the fact that Jesus is not recorded to have had children made his gender status “even more uncertain”.

She continues: “We cannot know for sure that Jesus was male – since we do not have a body to examine and analyse – it can only be that Jesus’ masculine gender role, rather than his male sex, is having to bear the weight of all this authority.”

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And women wonder why people laugh at us and doubt our credibility at times...

Dr. Cornwall is fruitcake short a few walnuts trying to justify the initials after her name. Anyone can make up anything about a person/place/thing that lived hundreds and hundreds of years ago and never have to back up their claim with facts.

Why just the other day........while gazing into my mug of chicken broth...I was surmising that slugs once had legs....really, really long ones......like stilts.......and they were hinged in really strange places.........so they could be used as polo slugs by polo-playing insects..............

But then again.........that might have been the T3s and antibiotics talking..

This 'feminist theologian' (whatever the hell that is supposed to be) is just exhibiting her penis envy and bemoaning her own lack of testosterone.

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The other theory is be that he was gay.

The point is, who knows?

You could make up anything for someone who died more than 2000 years ago. No photographs, videos, exist or bones. In fact, there was no contemporay accounts of him while he was alive. What we know of him came decades after he died.

For all we know, maybe Rick Santorum is the reincarnation of Jesus.

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It takes years of study and exegetical exercise to truly unearth meaning from ancient scripture. For those who study my posts in the past, you'd know what I'm talking about.

Normally, one would approach scripture with a credible methodology of some sort. For example, the dominating credible approach in today's church is the Grammatical-Historical approach to scripture. In a nutshell, it is looking at how 1) words were used interchangeably in other parts of scripture to find its true meaning and 2) using already proven historical facts to help build the setting of scripture. Using these two points, a Christian scholar and/or pastor would create his/her works.

Dr. Susanna Cornwall's approach to ancient scripture is not like this. She stems from Feminism Theology which start from a world view that lowers the value of scripture and history altogether. Why is this? Because to feminists, scripture and history were both written by "the people with the bigger stick" and/or "through victors of oppression". Therefore, any information that comes from normal means, is really unreliable information.

Crazy, sure. But to someone who has a mindset and worldview like a feminist, it makes sense to them.

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