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Bure, Fedorov, Mogilny Or Kovalchuk, Malkin, Ovechkin?

Which era of Russians is better?  

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Bure was pure magic > Ovy is overrated and not the player he once was

Fedorov was a beast in his younger years but fizzled after leaving Detroit => Malkin is tearing it up and could surpass Fedorov but pretty close right now

Mogilny was hit or miss. Give him the right teamates and he could work magic otherwise could be invisible out there = Kovalchuck is a consistant point producer and can shoot like no tomorrow

So pretty close but gotta go with the oldies on this one.

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Guest The Brown Burrows

I'd say Bure, Fedorov, and Mogilny only because they are all retired (Is Sergei retired or still playing in Russia?).

Ovechkin, Malkin, and Kovalchuk are all pretty good themselves. Kovalchuk has began to play like a star again but Ovie is struggling (might be due to the Caps horrible signings, team chemistry is gone).

Maybe Yakupov, Grigorenko, and Kuznetsov could challenge for Russian supremacy amongst forwards of all era's.

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Bure = Ovechkin: this is a hard one...Ovie got higher point and goal totals in a season where offence wasn't as prevalent, but this is Bure we're talking about...I'm going to call it even.

Fedorov > Malkin: both insanely talented offensively, Malkin more so, but Fedorov had insane speed and could win the Norris as a defenceman, he was so accomplished.

Mogilny > Kovalchuk: as insanely talented as Kovy is, Mogilny was magical at times.

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Oh gosh, Bure FEdorov Mogilny in a heart beat. That combo right there is Russia's strongest Line ever, if you include Soviet and Russia era. No questions asked. Malkin will make a case of being one of the best Russians ever to play center, but currently Fedorov is the best Russian center ever. Already a very offensive gifted player, FEdorov was also won the Selke Tropy while topping over 100 points, and this was before they won their Stanley cup in 97. Bure's dynamic scoring tops all 3 of those guys, and Mogilny, as Patt Quinn said, "hes the most skilled player I've ever coached."

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I remember making the exact thread a couple of years back....

Anyways, I would say Fedorov first... just because he is as completely player as there is. Goal-scoring winger, playmaking centre, defensive checker and defenseman..... that's him. Datsyuk being a close 2nd.

Malkin over Mogilny.

Ovechkin > Bure... just because speed can be more easily neutralized vs size. Gaborik is as close as Bure in the modern NHL and yet he's just a 40g/40a player.

Kovalchuk.... I haven't watched him much, since he was buried in Atlanta for the longest time. He's probably the 2nd best Russian player in the NHL this year.

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