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General Studies At Langara College - Bad?

- PikaBOO -

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Hey everyone, I'm a grade 12 student.

I'm just wondering what general studies are like, since many of my peers and my parents have said that general studies are a waste of time, and that it is better to have a specific area to focus on.

Can anyone please explain why?

I've applied for a diploma in general studies in arts and sciences.

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Your conceptions of what areas of studies in high school is different from what they really are. Chances are what you want to do now while in high school is not what you end up doing in university.

It's good to go to Langara and find out what your interests are. In the end, your major only makes up like a third of the 120 credits you need for a bachelor's degree. You need to fill up the other credits with another major, minor, or electives.

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