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So with the final 9-12 games left in the season I believe its time for the Canucks to make a push for the playoffs. Everyone on CDC is aware that the nucks have not been playing their best hockey of late and most people on here have attributed this to the team coasting as they've already guaranteed a playoff spot.In my opinion though the nucks need to start showing up and winning now. Not next week, not come playoffs, but now starting this Sat against CLB.

A couple weeks ago when the Nucks first started to slide I was with everyone else saying that they didn't have any mnotivation anymore due to there lead in the standings and that resting would help make a long run in the playoffs. Now fast forward to today, yes we are almost guaranteed a playoff spot however our 20 point lead on second in the NW is down to 11 point on Colorado. Calgary is 12 points back with 11 games left and with the way they are playing they can easily surpass the Nucks( If this happens I'll never hear the end of it from my flames fan buddies) if they continue to slump. This is just not acceptable for a team that was leading the league.

The other main reason the Nucks need to get things going is to start building confidence and get some momentum going come playoff time. It doesn't matter who the Nucks face in the first round, if the Nucks are still struggling the other team will have the confidence that they can beat us.

Basically what I'm saying is the Nucks need to turn things around immediately if they want to go into the playoffs in a good position and any sort of momentum.

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I doubt that we're throwing games but there has been a lot of experimenting going on that could account for some of our losses. The Canuck approach is likely the most studied out there since much of what we've done has been so successful. The drop pass allowing us to take the zone with speed, The defense pinching while the forwards cycle down low, the Sedin's and their blind passes; I've noticed all of these things being changed up for the month. I suspect the team is working on some things to keep from being predictable.

It's hard to say but it won't surprise me to see a sudden change of gears here.

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Another thing that needs to change is the attitude that the Canucks have that a loss is a loss and that it doesnt matter if they get blown out in the playoffs. I remember the days when a team creamed you, the next game you would play them so hard and usually beat them. Look at the facts, everytime we got blown out in the playoffs we followed it up with another stinker. Its the main reason we lost to Chicago 2 years in a row and it happend again last year. No to mention the S.C.F. debacle.

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Guys!..... Chill.

We are far too talented to stay down for too long.

As for the CoHo, Zack threads... Just wait for the playoffs and you'll see why MG made the move, Zacks gonna chip it in, and grind the D down. ( thats why I'm worried about St L.)

We have plenty of time to turn things around and get the boys goin.

The bounces aren't going our way, but that will change ( when D pinches).

The Chicago game is going to be the wake up call, no love lost there.

I think we are plenty experienced enough, and have HUGE depth...

We'll go deep. So just chiiiillllllllll boys.


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