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Swedes Secretly Laugh At Pk Subban


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It's strange how nobody has mentioned the mere fact that "Subban" is the Swedish word for "b**ch". Considering how many Swedish players play in the NHL, and PK Subban's reputation as an irritating pest, I wonder how they can bottle in the laughter.

This is absolutely not a knock on PK Subban, nor on his surname, as it is likely not derived from the Swedish language; I think he's a very promising young player. I do find it funny that his surname fits his on-ice persona well, as he can be feisty, mouthy, and perhaps a nuisance to some of the league's stars.

When Swedish viewers, and especially players, look at the back of his sweater, though, and see "B****, 76," I think it's tough not to chuckle.


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The "pene" pasta (same pronunciation). :P

Somebody gets what I'm talking about. Apologies to those who thought I was trying to offend. That was certainly not my intent, and I do believe I'm steering clear of anything that could be considered racist.

It is interesting, in a Swedish fan's eyes, to see somebody running around chirping with such a word on the back of his sweater, even if it's a coincidence.

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