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Playoffs Tickets(Opponents' Arenas)


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For the people who have previously been to an opponent's arena during the playoffs, are the tickets priced at a higher value?

I know for here, the retail value of a ticket goes up quite a bit, but I'm not sure about other opponents arenas. I would imagine it would go up too?

Reason being, if Canucks play Phx in round 1. My buddy and I are thinking of going down to watch games 3 & 4. I've been to Jobing.com to watch a game during the reg season and tixs were obviously cheap. But because Phx usually sells cheaper tixs, would it still be cheap then to watch down there for playoffs?

Anyone with past experience? Watching in Nashville, SJ, etc...

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Without any firsthand knowledge i think i can fairly say that EVERY team will have a price mark-up for the playoffs

Will places like PHX be cheaper than places like VAN? Yes, but they wont be as cheap as they are in the regular season

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