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Everyone Loves Trivia - 50 Goal Seasons

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When Steve Stamkos scored his 50th goal of the season on March 13th, he joined a prestigious club. In NHL history, there had only been seven men, prior to Stamkos, to score 50 goals in a season twice before their 23rd birthdays.

Other than Steve Stamkos, and Wayne Gretzky (because lets face it, Gretzky is the answer to every NHL record for scoring) name the 5 other NHL players to score 50 goals twice in 1 season before they turn 23 years old. Extra points if you can name the seasons.

Will update as answers are given so you don't have to scroll through to see who has answered.

1. Steve Stamkos

2. Wayne Gretzky

3. Pavel Bure (from Liberace)

4. Mario Lemeiux (from superdomo)

5. Alex Ovechkin (also superdomo)

6. Mike Bossy (Bob.Loblaw)

7. Joe Niewendyk (Stizz19)

NOTE: This should go without saying, but google-ing this and answering just wastes everyone's time. Trolls please GTFO.

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After reading the list, I put two and two together. And when you said "#7 is the one I would never have thought of", I had to think real hard. I was looking up stats around Christmas time, and I remember reading the 50-goal stat. He used to be a Canuck, but he accomplished this feat while a Maple Leaf.


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