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[Off-Season Trade] Vancouver-Nashville

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*Only if we do not win the Cup this year does this proposal apply. Why? Cause a shakeup is needed if we can't win with the same core that we've basically for the past 4 years + please read everything before you reply, thank you*

To Vancouver:

- Shea Weber ($7.500 mill)

- Roman Josi ($1.000 mill)

To Nashville:

- Alex Edler ($3.250 mill)

- Keith Ballard ($4.200 mill)

- 2012 4th

Reasoning For Proposal/Explanation:

Now before you guys go ahead and jump to conclusions, first read why I am proposing this, then post. We all know Edler is a good, solid d-man, but Weber is a great, amazing d-man. I know some of you guys will say 'Edler at $3.25 mill > Weber at his caphit', and that 'Edler has the potential to become good as Weber', well, what are you going to do when Edler's contract expires next year, and what are you going to do if he doesn't become a Weber type player, which is likely he won't cause its hard being and doing what Weber does?

Now, its safe to say that Edler is more appealing to have at his contract currently than Weber's, but what about at the end of next year? Edler's contract is going to end, and he's going to be looking for a raise, cause he sure deserves it - him and his agent know how much he can make; he has Norris type potential, but still not there - and it'd be unrealistic to say he would sign at less than $5 mill, because truth, he is going to get at least $5 million, and that would be a discount anyways. With that, I'm curious to know: Would you want Edler on your team at $5-6 million, or Weber at $6-7 million on your team? I, without a doubt, would take Weber any day.

Sure you guys say Edler is a rising star, he is, but its all about 'what if' he can become the player we expect him to be, and the pressure we have on him to become the type of player is unrealistic. People say he's younger than Weber - take of your glasses, he's only 1 year younger - how much more better do you think he can get when he's already 25, and most likely, he will reach his potential max come next year. In 1 year, I can guarantee you Edler can not develop into a Norris or Weber type player - just not going to happen, so this is why I'm proposing this deal, cause why wait and take a chance on Edler who has potential to become a Norris d-man, when you can get one? And keep in mind, this is only applicable if we don't win the Cup this year, cause you don't keep the same core again - we've basically had the same core for the past 4-6 years, and a shakeup would be needed, and this deal is one that gives us one, and doesn't destroy the core completely, as it only trades 1 key player away.

Cap Solutions with This Deal:

With this deal, we would take on $1.05 million, and it would put us over that much more; this is a quick solution I have in mind to fix this: Weber's contract expires this summer, and a NHL attributor made Shea's contract this year, as he and David Poille couldn't come to an agreement. I repeat, Shea did not want this much nor did David Poille want to sign Weber at this; it was what was concluded to by a NHL attributor, so both sides could come to a temporary agreement and move on. Knowing that Shea is a BC boy - hometown boy - he would take a paycut to player here; its what he would do guaranteed, and what he essentially, and any player, has to do to play in Vancouver. With this, MG would be able to get Weber to sign at $6.000 million, a $1.500 million paycut from his current caphit, and it would be a great price and agreement for both Weber and the team; he'd become the teams highest paid player, at a very reasonable price which is not too cheap and not too steep. If you think $6 million would be too much of a discount and that Weber would want more - Bieksa and Hamhuis were both offered $1.5 million more from other teams, than what they are currently making, and they never took it because they knew they had to take a discount to stay in Vancouver, and Weber can be making $7 mill, but a $1 paycut seems very reasonable compared to what other players have taken here. In conclusion, we can make Shea take a discount when he comes here, and make this financially possible - very possible at that - as eventually, this deal would end up shedding cap, and not taking on more.

The Significance Of Having Weber/A Norris D-man:

Firstly, you improve your defense significantly by bringing in a proven winner, who is a proven iron man also (What we need with all the injuries our players play through in the post-season), and he can play in any situation. He is arguably the toughest player in the NHL, as he lets nothing scare him, and he doesn't care what obstacle is infront of him, he will give it his all day in and day out to win. He purposely never signed a multiple year contract with the Preds cause its obvious he wants to sign somewhere else where he has a better chance to win, and seeing that he's a BC boy, and that the Canucks are a top 3 team in the NHL, the pieces to the puzzle just fit perfectly, allowing Shea to come here.

Not to mention, you look at previous Cup winners lately, take a look at how many teams had an elite d-man on their team, you'll be surprised. The past 10 years, a list of elite d-men that were on the winning team: Chara, Seabrook & Keith, Gonchar & Letang, Lidstrom & Rafalski, Pronger & Niedermayer, Niedermayer & Rafalski, Lidstrom & Chelios, and lastly, Blake-Foote-Bourque.

To win a Cup now, it is an essential need to have a proven, elite d-man / a Norris caliber player, and bringing in Weber would do that for us; look at the list, you need a proven d-man, an elite d-man, to win a Cup for you - without one, its just going to be very difficult to do so. This just shows the importance of the need of Weber and what he could help us get, and if it means giving up a key player, by all means so be it. You have to give up great players in order to get great players, and this deal would do so - and cap wise; you gotta pay the big guy some money - make him happy = his play on ice will be good. Not everyone on this team will sign at under $5 million.

That's the end of my rant, and hopefully, it can start a good discussion. I'd personally love this deal, and we get a top prospect in Roman Josi too. :)

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Nashville GM laughs at this proposal. The best defenseman in the nhl, and a stud rookie dman who has a lot of potential for a top 7 Defenseman and An overpaid 3rd Pairing dman who is good for 10 points per season and can hipcheck. Also when Edler gets 7 mill+ next season Nashville adds about 2 mill for major downgrades. Besides i'd rather get Weber through free agency without giving up Edler

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We wont get Weber signed for 6 mill not a chance. And personally I think we could get alot more for what he will cost. Edler has numbers similar to what Hoff had before he left. Edlers defensive % have been terrible this year I think he knows, that he has been given a green light out there to go offensive and probably sign for 4.5ish mill over 3 years with a little front load action.

Give me Adam Larsson for schnides

Ham Juice

Edler Larsson

Ballard Tanev

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if suter walks, then there is no chance weber sticks around and poile should trade weber in this off season because that is when his trade value will be highest and then the franchise can move on and begin life without the best pairing in the NHL...

every team in the nhl will be throwing crazy deals at nsh but weber doesnt have a NTC so nsh can trade him anywhere they want...although teams can talk to weber about interest playing for their team so that way he has control on where he plays

det, nyr, phi, tor, and van i think will be the front runners in the "weber sweepstakes"

let me tell you now, the return for weber will be nothing like you have seen before...

examples of trades for norris trophy defensemen...and this was for a ageing number 1 d-man, can you imagine what it would be for a 26 year old!?!?!

Anaheim Ducks traded Chris Pronger and Ryan Dingle to the Philadelphia Flyers for Joffrey Lupul, Luca Sbisa, a 1st round selection in 2009, a 1st round selection in 2010 and a conditional round selection in 2010 or 2011.

Edmonton Oilers traded Chris Pronger to the Anaheim Ducks for Joffrey Lupul, Ladislav Smid, a 1st round selection in 2007, a conditional 1st round selection and a 2nd round selection in 2008.

remember all these deals are in the middle of the summer after july 1st

to det: weber

to nsh: filppula, kindl, smith, abdelkader, 1st pick 2013, 1st pick 2014

to nyr: weber

to nsh: dubinsky, mcdonagh, sauer, stepan, 1st pick 2013

to phi: weber

to nsh: schenn, van riemsdyk, read, meszaros, 1st pick 2013

to tor: weber

to nsh: macarthur, frattin, schenn, gunnarsson, 1st pick 2013

to van: weber

to nsh: edler, raymond, tanev, 1st pick 2013, +++++

i dont even know if this will get the job done, weber will be the biggest fish on the market in a very long time...

this summer is gonna be wild...to say the least

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Nashville GM laughs at this proposal. The best defenseman in the nhl, and a stud rookie dman who has a lot of potential for a top 7 Defenseman and An overpaid 3rd Pairing dman who is good for 10 points per season and can hipcheck. Also when Edler gets 7 mill+ next season Nashville adds about 2 mill for major downgrades. Besides i'd rather get Weber through free agency without giving up Edler

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