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Myself and a friend of mine are likely going to be starting up a radio show on CJSFM 90.1 (if things go as planned) and we want to get an idea of how big of a fan base we might acquire. We are pretty much just doing it for fun so getting lots of listeners isn't the big picture or anything but it would be cool to know people are listening in and would definitely help for our call in segments.

The show will focus on sports, mainly hockey. We will likely touch base on all local sports teams and any major events of course. We hope to eventually cover more once we get the ball rolling.

We want to be a very interactive show. We want lots of people calling in and sharing opinions and ideas.

We haven't done a sports show before but I do have some experience in radio so it wont be a complete disaster lol.

We are often told that we become quite the characters when sports are the topic of conversation. He is the Pratt to my Taylor if you will......or so we are told.

We both are very active in the online world of sports and we both have some unique connections with people inside certain sports organizations and the major world of Canadian sports. This is going to be a great show with new things to discuss all the time.

So answer the poll and add any comments etc. We are looking for all feedback right now!

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This sounds pretty interesting. I definitely would like to take a listen in, online, as i do live in Alberta, and as a highschool student i am in radio as well, and would like to see how this goes. I like how it is interactive. But you should get quite a couple listeners. I will definitely listen for it!

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All shows will be available live online and archived for anyone who cant listen in live. We are not officially signed on yet so I cannot provide a link. This is simply to see how the online fan base would feel about us and how many of you would be listening/supporting us

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Looks like I voted like most of the others. I wanted to do the next option but I was afraid I'd be committed to something lol. I don't actually listen to any now except Dan Russel as I live in the interior however if I know your up and running I will take in at least one or two shows, so let us know.

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