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Great Linden Moment: Help Finding Video


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I'm hoping someone else will remember this. I have only a vague memory of the context but the image of this really sticks in my head.

It was a game between the Canucks and a team that Derian Hatcher played for. I feel like it was the Stars but I don't remember when it was so could have been more recently for the Flyers. It was in the 3rd and I think we were down by a goal. Hatcher hacked Naslund and Naslund went down. Linden was right nearby, and without a moments hesitation Linden literally jumped up and grabbed Hatcher by the head, taking him down and proceeded to give him a few shots to the head. Linden got a penalty on the play so it could be argued that it was an imprudent move given the stage of the game. But whatever you say about that you have to agree that it showed Linden's character that he put sticking up for his captain above anything else.

Anyways, this sticks in my head as one of my favorite hockey moments and I just wish I could remember it better. if anyone has any recollection of this and remembers it better or if you know of a video I would love to hear from you.

Go Canucks

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