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[Proposal] Vancouver + Toronto (Trading Rights)

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Cody Franson (ex-giant)


Mason Raymond

Both players are upcoming RFA's.

Franson is a good young 3rd pairing d-man who has top 4 potential. Stuck behind quite a few guys in Toronto. Physical, and strong PP abilities.

Raymond is a good young tweener player who can be a top 6 guy. Having an off year, but would be a good asset to a fast young Toronto forward group.

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Franson is the defencemen version of Raymond. What sad about Franson is that he is 6'5 220 pounds, but is afraid to play physical hockey, kinda like Raymond. Raymond is kinda excused being only 170 pounds, so not sure if A.V will bother playing him at all.

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Never really thought of this before but I agree mason raymond would make a perfect Toronto maple leaf lol

Highly doubt Burke does it though.. He's stated numerous times that he's looking to get bigger.. I bet he'd trade franson for a bigger decent 3rd or 4th liner or pick/prospect before he'd go for Raymond

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