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L.a. Or Dallas 1St Round?

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As we get closer to the end of the season, fair to say that we can start to come up with some possible matchups for the 1st round.

From looking at the remaining games for the teams in 7th to 11th and including 3rd. As of tonight these teams are separated by 2 points! The big fight is for the division in the Pacific. The Canucks are almost a lock on 2nd place so obviously that means we would be facing the 7th seed.

I don't know about you guys and gals but I don't see Calgary making it in :( as I would love to see another canadian team in the playoffs but they are to far behind with to few games remaining. Also don't see Colorado making it with to few games remaining and tough competition also trying to make the playoffs. So from my perspective that leaves SJ, Phoenix, LA, and Dallas to fight for the 3rd 7th and 8th spots.

I for one feel that SJ will jump ahead of Dallas and take the divison, which means they get 3rd (even though I wish they would get 8th and face StL! So that leaves 7th and 8th up for grabs. I don't think both Dallas and LA will make it in because they both face SJ 2x's and I think SJ will get 3 out of 4 of those games..... therefore either Dallas or LA will be gone. But which ever of these two teams makes it will have enough points to take 7th in my opinion. Which leaves 8th for Phoenix.

My prediction is Dallas.... I think they learned from last years late crumble which took them out of the playoffs in the last month. I think it is a good first round match up, that we will take in 6. I hope to god we don't get Phoenix... not because I'm scared of them just.... you know :bored:.









My first post.... ain't that strong but couldn't see anyone else sharing their predictions yet.


Oh yah, for the record, I believe Van will go back to the cup finals and face...... Pitts.... unfortunately. If they face Pitts then I think that Van will loose in 7 again. :sadno: BUT! ANY OTHER eastern team will lose to Van in the finals... god I hope Pitts doesn't make it the the cup finals.

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Am I the only one that thinks the Hawks wouldn't be so bad? I mean, we can definitely take them. There isn't going to be an easy playoff series anyways. We know it's gonna be a fun series to watch(can't say the same about a Van/Phx series), and with the way the Canucks are playing, would it be so bad to play the team that brings out the best in them? (Really hoping this statement doesn't come back to bite me in the ass on Wednesday-so stoked for that game!) Yeah, it'll be a longer series but hey... haha. Idk, change would be good but I don't think it would be so bad to play the Hawks. It's certainly fun to watch. One of the best rivalries in the league for sure.

Calgary would be fantastic, but unlikely (imo). Colorado would be awesome too.

To answer your question, Dallas.

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9th place is reserved for calgary.

Just beat them in the final meeting of the season when the flames will need the 2 points to get in just for the canucks to deny them.

Avs would be a nice 1st round. They look least threatening to canucks. Making it to 7th place is probably unlikely for them having no games in hand. Avs will need to go beast mode vs the other teams fighting for the playoffs spot.

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5 teams fighting for 2 playoff spots. San Jose controls their own destiny. Win two in a row and they are 2 points behind Chicago, and would have a 1.5 game cushion. The team I wouldn't want to face is Phoenix. They play that defensive style game that we seem to have problems with.

The Canucks could be the team that forces the Kings and AV's and possibly Flames out of the playoffs.

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