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Ok, this is not an "I hate Lou"-thread, I really like Lou and hope to see him retire a Canuck. This is just a thought I had:

Do you guys remember the 2006 playoffs? Carolina won the cup with rookie Cam Ward as their goalie, he won the Con Smythe Trophy and played phenomenal. But Ward wasn't their starting goalie that year; in fact, their starter, Martin Gerber, played really well the entire season. But he kinda choked in the playoffs so Ward stepped up and won them their cup.

What if that happened to us this year? Schneider winning the cup for us and playing like a beast, what would MG do? We've already got Lou bound up for life, with a none trade-causel, so offering Schneider the contract he's worth would result in like $10 million of our cap space being tied up for the goalies...

So basically: if Ginger won the cup for us, would we offer him a contract or just let him go?

(I wrote this on my cell phone, so I apologies for all the misspellings and such).

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Well to start off we would have a parade!

The team would do exit interviews with each of the players and assess the situation. In such a scenario Luongo may feel it is best for him to move on and waive his NTC or he may be happy to have been a part of a Stanley Cup winning team.

Win or not. I don't think the Canucks will want $8 Million+ tied up in 2 goalies. They will match any offers from other teams and look to move Schneids in a trade for some key assets.

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Or we could keep Lu since he's still quite a good goalie, and get more in return for Schneider since his value would skyrocket if that scenario played out.

The only way it would even be considered is if Luongo was horrible despite stellar defensive play combined with lots of offensive support, yet we were still losing games from easily stoppable goals.

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let's just say thank God I'm not M.G. to have to make this kind of decision. :P

So many possible situations to consider:

- if Lu played like Gerber (as mentioned) and Cory like Ward, of course try to keep Cory as the starter and move Lu

- However, it's possible that if we asked Lu to waive his NTC and he does get moved, he may have to be undervalued and sold for less than what he's worth PLUS he can still get the wins during his prime years as a #1 (we may have to treat him like Florida did to Booth if other teams know that we want to lose him)

- If management does decide to keep Lu then Cory will have to go (unless he can be re-signed for a hometown discount and if he's content with his backup role on a contender)

- IMO Worst Case Scenario:

Cory plays lights out, or comparatively Lu becomes a sieve in net

Cory gets offer sheeted for $3.1M (I'd still try to keep him if that was the price; would management though, with Lu and his $5.3M salary still around?)

if the team doesn't keep him they lose their previous 1st round draft pick for a 2nd

if the team does, they could easily just move Ballard and Raymond (as was the plan I'm guessing?) but again that would be a lot of money to tie into two players in the same position with only one spot available)

I think best case would be to slightly underpay Cory if he's willing to take the discount so the team can keep him for a couple more years, then if Lu really starts stinking they could ask him to waive and then they would have their #1 guy in his prime waiting in the wings. If the stall tactic doesn't work and Cory wants to be the number 1 guy on another team then give Lack a bunch of preseason and early season starts and hope that he's ready to be the #2 guy behind Lu!

Giguere - Bryzgalov - Hiller

Biron - Noronen - Miller

the tough part is that it's not always predictable as to who will be the best guy in the next couple of years and in the long run

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One overused statement; we lost because we could not score.

We lost game Seven 4-0; and in that game part of the problem was were a bit deflated letting in some somewhat ordinary goals. If we had scored 2, and not let in two ordinary goals? We never really took momentum at any stage in that game, the end of the game seemed almost a foregone conclusion.

A truly fair statement includes the breakdown of our team & their roles ( example:Twins taking defensive match ups in our end) because of injuries to guys like Kesler, Hamhuis. Our offense never geared up because we could no longer put guys into the situations which made us successful.

But that deflation, perhaps, also came in part because we could not fully re-pump Roberto's tires & the teams trust for game 7?

I will not be upset, and would expect, to see Schneider get starts if Roberto starts to falter. But that is a long way away still.

The Canucks had a decade of horrible goaltending before Luongo. The Canucks lost the Stanley Cup because they couldn't score. There's no guarantee Schneider's going to be any cheaper if he keeps up this kind of play.

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Don't you hate it when your making a comment on someones awesome video post, and while your commenting / complimenting it, that someone changes the video clip to a much worse one with horrible music thus making your original comment completely redundant, leaving you no choice but to fill a void with useless banter such as this??

I do.

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