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Lineup For Wednesday Against Chicago

Franz Liszt

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Kassian has gotta start playing way better before he gets a promotion to the first line.

Fans can hate on AV, but he does give players chances when they're playing well (sometimes when they're not too). If Kassian was playing the way he did in his first few games, which means hitting alot and forcing turnovers, he would get his shot. Right now he seems to be playing really tame though.

Just believe that the coaching staff/management has got a plan. I'm sure they're not just randomly mixing up the lineup just for the fun of it. They're obviously treating this as a mini training camp and getting looks at different lineups, plus getting players used to playing on different lines. This will be important if injuries strike.

I'm sure they have an idea of what they want the lineup to look like come playoff time. Right now they're just experimenting with a few things. I bet by the last 5 or 6 games the lineup will be locked in and they'll ride it into the playoffs.

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no kidding the sedins need a big body on their line. its been obvious for years.

IE: newsflash, don't give the sedins room to do their thing and they wont produce. ESPECIALLY IN THE PLAYOFFS. THEY HAVE NO GRIT AND CANT COMPETE AGAINST THE BOLLAND'S AND MARCHAND'S

why this team hasn't done everything it can to find that line mate for them baffles me. someone that can curb the cheapshots against them, open up some space and crowd the net. Bitz, Mancari, Kassian...whoever. Give them time to gel and it will work.

sedin sedin bitz

booth kes higgins

burr pahl hansen

manny lappy kassien



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