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St. Louis To Take 1St In West?

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Seeing as the Canucks lost to Minnesota we are 6 points behind St. Louis, and have 72 games played. Granted we do have a game in hand, as they have 100 points in 73 GP.

If we do win our game on Wednesday, we will be at 96 points.. with 9 games left for both Van and St. Louis.

For us to win the west, we would need to gain 7 points on St. Louis in our last 10 games (It is 7 because St. Louis would win if the teams were to tie).

I mess around on sportsbook occasionally, making wagers on whatever I think to be a good bet.. and right now, is it a "good bet" that St. Louis will take the west?? For some reason that I must not be aware of, they still have Vancouver as favourites to win the west. St Louis pays off +350 (meaning if you bet 100, you win 350 profit.. so get 450 back).

I'm confused as to why St. Louis isn't the favourite yet?

Can the Canucks GAIN 7 points on St Louis in their last 10 games?? They have to win at least 2 more games and an OT/Shootout loss to do it.

What do you guys think?

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The St. Louis Blues have looked excellent all year. Ken Hitchcock has really brought this team to life, and his system is working wonders. The addition of Jaden Schwartz recently is also great. Brian Elliott, meanwhile, has been absolutely incredible for them. Who knew he would be so stellar in net.

If they can bring Vladimir Tarasenko over from Russia, they could be even more frightening next year.

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