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The Road To The Stanley Cup, 2012.


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In no way am I suggesting we can't catch St. Loius, but with each lazy performance comes a slimmer and slimmer chance. On the other end, there is virtually no way for us to drop down to 3rd place.

Possible 7th seed opponents would be Dallas, Phoenix, San Jose and LA, with a slim chance of facing Colorado or Calgary.

Each of these teams we should be able to beat if our guys get their act together. As the probability of St. Louis taking out one of those teams themselves is great, our next opponent would be the winner of Detroit and Nashville. (In which judging by the current standings seems to be a lock.)

In my opinion, I think Nashville can get past Detroit this year. They will most likely have home ice advantage, and Detroit is getting very banged up at the wrong time. (Not to mention Radulov coming back.)

So a probable Nashville series would not be as easy as last year. They gained more toughness, skill, and experience since 2011.

I think Chicago can probably snake past whoever wins the Pacific division. (If JT gets right.) This means that Chicago will face off against St. Louis in the second round. I think that this will ultimately be a pick 'em.

So that would mean If we get past Nashville, we would face either Chicago or St. Louis. Both teams we can beat, albeit not with effort we've been putting out as of late.

Note: I based all this on probability; there are so many 3 point games nowadays that I don't think there will be any drastic changes. (Some teams having only 8 games left.) In order for us to make it anywhere we need some sort of spark. I'm almost to the point of not watching games until the playoffs. If they are not going make a solid effort during these last string of games, why would I make an effort to watch them?

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lol hopefully we don't play nashville till at least the 3rd round if we make it there.. they are the favorites coming out of the west imo with the addition of Radulov.. they have a legitimate top 6, excellent defense, and a top goalie.. and they also play physical =\

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Are you guys NEW to how the playoffs work???

Come on its not that difficult. There is no groups simply put the highest seed plays the lowest seed in round 2 and the second highest seed plays the second lowest seed.

I won't even throw in the what potentially could happen if the top seed or maybe both top seeds (that being 1st and 2nd in the conference) get knocked out in round one. Pretty sure we all don't have the time needed to explain that situation.

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We're pretty much going to end up in 2nd. I'm not going to speculate on who we play in the 1st round because it really doesn't matter. We play our A game regardless of the opponent. Nothing is pre-determined and we can make no assumptions.

As for the rest of the season, the Canucks have already packed it in. I've been saying this for a while. They're not trying because they don't want to. It's by design the effort isn't there. Rather than wasting time, energy and health during these meaningless games, they're saving their bodies for the playoffs. I don't agree with it, but it's the truth. An interesting article on PITB shares these thoughts.

Even if we went all out, there is a very slim chance of catching St. Louis. We're going to end up in the 2nd seed. The Canucks have decided it's better to lose these games than lose healthy bodies for the playoffs. Look at St. Louis. They're riding high, but they just lost Captain David Backes to a broken foot.

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