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New Lines At Practice

-Vintage Canuck-

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Our best player in Higgins has been demoted. Raymond has been promoted from pressbox to 2nd line. So we demote our best player and promote arguably one of the worst players on our team.

My lines would be





Edit: oh yeah and Kassian might be scratched tom. I dont know why he might be scratched because isn't this the type of game we got him for??

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None he has put with the Sedins has made much of a difference. The problem with the 1st line IS the Sedins. Split them up and give them a chance to re-think how they play and what they need to do.

They have become clock-killers with their cycling that never generates scoring chances. Like Hank says, "you cant' score in this league without screening and net crashing". So who on that 1st line is going to do that...Dan? Hank? or that monster Burrows? FFS - split them so they have linemates that can do that or put Bitz or Kassian up there for a tryout.

Except against weak defensive teams, the Sedins have been inneffective for the last half of this season. Continuing to stubbornly stick with what hasn't worked all year, is not going to get them out of their funk. Teams are onto how they play and virtually any half-a$$ed team with decent D can neutralize them.

AV is running out of time to find the solution. Watching the post-game videos, this is not a "cruising" team but a confused, dissillusioned and unmotivated group that has no answers to what ails them.

Messing with teh AMEX line, which is the only line that has been consistently effectgive is just stupid! The third line was playing very strong hockey with Burrows on it so he changes that. WTF!! at least we had 2 good lines going, now we will have none.

Don't know what to say about Raymond...even the pundits/analysts that like him, agree he hasn't earned the right to be on the ice.

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what an idiot.

why does he keep putting ray back with booth and kesler. Please show me when that ever worked. Higgins is a smarter player and is the reason that line gained some consistency recently.

We are running out of time with all this experimenting.

PS. i'm glad the Sedin-Ray line worked out. It's not like that line would get destroyed by the opposition in the playoffs...

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I'm quite confident about getting out of the 1st round, but I have no idea what team is going to show up after the 1st round. West will be tough.

WTF is av doing putting raymond on the 2nd line?! He deserves a slap across the face. Let's put our most consistently hard working player in higgins on the 4th line and put an underachieving/falling down raymond on the 2nd line. WTF does that say about him?

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