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After The Playoffs

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I still think the team could win it but...

I have a sinking feeling about it all

This slump has been a great opportunity for Kesler to show his leadership, a year ago we all thought he would grow into a perfect captain for the Canucks, and now he just cheap shots players whenever he gets upset


After the playoffs, our core aside from Edler, Kassian Schneider, will all be 28-32 yrs old, they will be a year slower, and a playoff run more tired


Let AV go,

Kesler's NTC kicks in next season as per capgeek

I say if we move him we Det ourselves up for the future. If Loui falls flat on his face, Schneider will have to be resigned and Luo may want to head back to Florida where they have a playoff spot contending team...





1st 2012


To Van





This sets us up for the future and makes Florida better for the next 5-6 yrs. Luo is the perfect mentor for their young goalie Markstrom (sp?)

Outside the box, but wow, good for both teams and it gives us a decade of good hockey in vancouver

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1. You are an idiot if you want to trade Kesler, who is arguably our most dedicated and persevered player, Selke winner, playoff performer, etc. Need I say any more?

2. Do people still not understand that Luongo has a no trade clause attached to his contract? He's not moving.

3. Schneider deserves to play as a starter. He's 27 now, in his prime, and wants to be playing more. He can't do that with Lu here, and while they have mutual respect and I'm sure he loves the organization, he deserves to go somewhere else. We likely won't be able to afford him. Besides, he is our most valuable trading piece at this point.

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Kesler also has an NTC. He took less to stay here, and has been a big proponent of doing that. Turning around now and trading him would be a knife in the back of him, and in the heart of the reputation Gillis has been trying so hard to build.

But even besides that, your proposal sucks...sucks BAD, in fact.

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This is idiotic. Kesler is the heart and soul of this team.

This is the core we have. We win with them or not. They fell one game short last year. How far away do you think we are?

The time to set up for the future and rebuild is when the Sedins are done. Not now. Next year is all-in time.

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