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i collect autographs, as a hobby..needed some advice from autograph seekers that get autographs also...do teams practice the day before each game? I wanted to get some stuff signed by the Kings and Canucks but was wondering if either team would be practicing on Sunday March 25 (the day before the game)? only reason i ask is because the kings have a game the night before in LA so IDK if that'd affect their schedule???

thanks guys

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Home team often have 'open practices'. If you can get to the pre game skate, some of the nicer players will stop on their way back to the locker room and sign some things.

Three of the best players I have ever met that always do this (and I have gotten their autographs this way), is Curtis Joseph, Teemu Selanne, and Chris Mason. Ryan Smyth often does this as well.

EDIT: Sorry I didn't really answer your question.

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You can try going to one of their practices (at UBC I think), you can get some autographs from some of the guys when they come off the ice, I used to do that when I was younger and they practiced at 8-Rinks and got autographs from Nazzy, Ohlund, Morrison and a few others

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