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Need Ballard Back Soon Thread

ice orca

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I dont know about you people but ever since Ballard went down this defence has been really out of sync. I think they miss his grit and speed. I know lots of people dont like his cap hit but he was starting to finaly earn it. Hope he is back soon we are going to need him.

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Although he didn't get much ice time, he really solidified that third pairing. With him on it we were much more capable of getting out of our zone quickly and efficiently. Moreover, before his injury he played physically and was good on the defensive end of things as well.

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Ballard = Thoroughbred.....................Ass kicking thoroughbred!

Also while I'm here. I thought Tanev started to demonstrate some aggression to go with his cool silky style.

Ballard and Tanev on 3rd = 2 or 3 SC's in a row. :emot-parrot:

PS I do believe he would have hospitalised half the Chicago team last night, starting with Keith and encoring with Sharp, Kane and Seabrook.

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I was thinking that as well.

Although Ballard wasn't performing to the level of his salary, he was a good player to have and provided some stability to the 3rd pairing. His quick skating could help during odd-man rushes against and he has a mean-streak.

Hamhuis - Bieksa

Edler - Salo

Ballard - Tanev

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Guest Dasein

Ballard really did solidify our 3rd pairing - though I don't think he should fight anymore now that he has a concussion. I can't help but think that this concussion is a result of a fight, or he fought while concussed and it just became worse.

Ballard hasn't skated nor exercised since the team announced that he had a concussion, so it looks to be quite serious. No one really knows when he'll be back, and with only two weeks left in the regular season, it doesn't look like Keith will be back in for the 1st round.

First, he needs to start skating on his own and do light workouts, second, he needs to raise the intensity of his workouts, third, he needs to be cleared to practice with the team, fourth, he needs to be cleared for contact and finally, be cleared for game action.

That's also the process that needs to be taken with Daniel Sedin. The thing that scares me the most about Daniel is that he got hit in the jaw, and that he doesn't wear a mouthguard (which prevents a lot of head trauma - Henrik doesn't wear one either). No one's taken that into account yet, but I think if Daniel had been wearing one, it would definitely help alleviate some damage or the concussion could have been completely avoided.

Anyways, back to Ballard. I would really love to hear some updates regarding him from the team.

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