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[Pgt] - Nux 2-1 Stars


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New 1st line of: Raymond - Henrik - Kassian, was amazing tonight - Best line out there! All 3 were +2 tonight, Raymond and Henrik both with 2 points, and Kassian played a great all around game with 2 penalty minutes.

Line clicked well today, and Raymond looks like he's found a groove with Henrik; both do very well when together. Kassian on that line is great to make sure no one pushes them around, and it has everything: Skill, speed, and grit. Liking this line very much, and best of all, a much wanted W today :)

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Good rough playoff-style game, only this time without flying elbows. Mason Raymond loomed very large in this game, a carryover from their tilt against Chicago, netting the opener and setting up Bieksa's eventual game-winner. No chintzy icing call to save the Stars this time. It would have been poetic to see Pahlsson net that nearly-empty net goal.

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Woot woot! A win people!!!

Way to go Hank, producing without your bro!! But lets not kid ourselves, if Schneider wasn't Schneider - this game would be over in the 1st.

But how about this Kesler fellow. Quite frankly, I am sick of this guy. His ego is bigger than his game. He needs to get the pressbox (a la Raymond), as a reminder he needs to be better. All his 5 shots tonight were from the perimeter. 90% of this season, he has been invisible. Now that Danny boy is gone, Kes needs (and the team needs) for him to live up to his pay cheque.

And why aren't we talking about Tanev more?!? This guy is gold. You look at the advanced stats every night, and he's been the best defenseman since re-joining the team. He's just so smart.

Woot woot WIN WIN WIN.

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