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Just A Thought About Suspensions

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In light of the Keith attack on Daniel Sedin, I was thinking about deterrent. Despite Shanahan's claims, the league has shown that they are not interested or able to make punishments truly fit the crime. Fines don't work on millionaires, and as has been talked about, a 5 game suspension at this time of year is a welcome respite.

Thus, the only true deterrent is what every player lives for, playoffs. I present what I like to call the minus 2 system.

If Shanny and the league deem that a 1 or 2 game suspension is warranted, that is all that is served. However, if a 3 game suspension is given, the player serves the 3 games and the next 1 playoff game that his team is a part of.

If a 5 gamer was given it would be 5 plus the next 3 playoff games. (5-2=3). 7game suspension would be 7+5playoff games, and so on. If a player is not on a playoff team, that penalty follows him until he is on a playoff team.

Just a thought.

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