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Fantasy Scf Opponents?


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I'm watching all the highlights of other western teams on NHL.com, getting an idea of what the Canucks will be facing. Dallas might be a wild card this year, they play with intense pressure that is perfect for playoff hockey, they play hard. Lehtonen has been great but still unproven in the playoffs, but hes been hot. Ryder and Ribeiro have been a deadly offensive pair, good chemistry. They are both very clutch, scoring game winners.

edit: Ryder and Riberio played together in Montreal

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Rangers or Sens.

Rangers because I think we can do well against them..they lack much scoring depth.

Sens because they're canadian, and I don't really like them. Also it's pretty close to T.O so I may be able to go to a game :P


Silly me, I forgot boston.

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