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Punch Somebody In The Face.


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I'm the type of person that really doesn't care who you are or what you look like. I've dealt with special needs kids, etc. Appearance, age, sex, they don't matter to me I'm a caring person, chivalrous by nature - Chivalry isn't dead; it has just been modernized.


How can men and women be equal when it is socially "less" acceptable for a man to walk up and punch a woman in the face versus punching a man in the face?

This social stigma stands out to me as something that needs to somehow be changed.

Almost all little boys are brought up being told pretty much the same thing; that hitting women is wrong. It is considered a positive and proper way of thinking; but is it not at the same time completely sexist to imply that it is more or less wrong to attack somebody because of their sex.

A Women can punch a man in the face and it is still nowhere near as big of a deal as if a man were to punch a woman; even in retaliation.

So how can women ever be considered equal while this type of thing is still around? Sexism is still being taught @_@

Hypocrisy of society

Written U.I.

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Sounds like a moral argument which can often be extremely vague. Most issues fail to take into consideration a number of intangibles. Often some women could throw a better punch than a man. We should look at this situation and give considerations to the most likely scenario where the man is much stronger. Most girls I have flirted around while training in boxing have failed to deliver any kind of effective "punch to the face". More a bruise to a mans ego than face and men are inherently comptetetive or egotistical, more so than women. I'm pretty sure most guys could simply grab the girl and control her until the situation was resolved.

Now in the rare case the man is weaker than the woman, I feel the man has every right to defend himself. "with as much force necessary" according to law.

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You aren't allowed to punch men in the face either unless they consent to fight with you. Women are physically weaker, and less able to defend themselves from physical assault, so you be seen as more cowardly, and rightfully so, if you punch one in the face.

From a legal perspective if you, without consent, punched a man in the face or a woman in the face and put them in a coma, the gender of the victim wouldn't matter that much.

If a woman hit you in the face first and you responded with proportional force, you'd be well within your legal rights. Proportional force is going to be dependent on the severity of the perceived threat. Therefore, a physically weaker and smaller person will require less force to subdue/avoid.

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It's not sexism par se, it's just that's it's wrong for a man to hit a woman.

That is, a man who hits a woman is a coward.

Instead of hit, take it further.

Change it to abuse.

That's more non sexist.

It's wrong for anyone to abuse anyone else, as well as animals.

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The whole sexism thing is really quite ridiculous. Women fight for equality claiming that men and women are equal and should be treated as such. However the world we live in is filled with sexist actions that women deem acceptable and even sometimes expected. Things like holding a door for a women or pulling her chair out when you sit at a table are often expected but the males get nothing. It honestly makes me laugh.

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