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Stanley Cup Odds


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A Gambling man such as myself always enjoys looking at the bookies and their thoughts of who they think have the best shot at winning the cup, and as of last week this is how it breaks down.

Pittsburgh Penguins 4.50 to 1

Vancouver Canucks 6 to 1

New York Rangers 7 to 1

St. Louis Blues 8.50 to 1

Boston Bruins 10 to 1

Detroit Red Wings 10 to 1

Philadelphia Flyers 13 to 1

Nashville Predators 17 to 1

Chicago Blackhawks 20 to 1

New Jersey Devils 25 to 1

Thinking about laying down 100$ on the canucks to make the playoff run that much more intense

What are your thoughts on the canucks being 6 to 1?

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Not enough top end offensive players. After Weber And Suter their defence is nothing. We were able to take a hit on Losing Bieska, and Ballard, and still good, they lose Weber or Suter, they are a "different" team.

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