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Who Takes The Last Face Off With A Second Left In Game 7?

Sylvan Lake Canuck

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Guest The Brown Burrows

This is what I would do. (right-side faceoff)

Burrows - D. Sedin , Kesler - H. Sedin

* Kesler taking the faceoff

Gragnani - Edler/Salo

* I'd put out Grags (slotted right behind D.Sedin)

* Edler/Salo (ready for the one-timer)

* Everyone rushes the net...

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With that little time left, I think I'd have Kesler take the draw and shoot immediately. Out of all of our top goalscorers, I think he's our best faceoff guy. Maybe stick Burr on the wing closest to the goalie, whichever side that was, and hope he could get a clutch rebound or tip-in off of Kes's shot off the faceoff.

Really, with such a little amount of time, wouldn't matter who is at the point in the slot, or playing the outside wing, not enough time to set up any kind of real play. Time for ONE shot directly off the faceoff, and maybe, MAYBE a really in-tight rebound.

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Manny will take the face off, fed backdoor immediately to Salo, who will fan his shot into the crowd, bounce off Pavel Bure's Jack and Coke, and sail into the net. This will be entered into the Guiness Book of World Records as the only time a retired hockey player scores a goal while simultaneously getting drunk... in the stands.

The goal will then be disallowed by O'Hallorin, which will prompt Gino Odjick and D Brashear to suffer PTSD flashbacks, jump down from their VP seats and beat the living tar out of the refs and body slam O'Hallorin into a permanent coma.

Following the Canucks Stanley Cup win parade, Gino, Pavel Bure, and the Sedin twins will have statues of reverence erected in Stanley Park, where you will eventually find Luongo and 7 other Canucks every Sunday morning, in black robes, chanting "Bettman is the Antichrist" and burning Rangers/Boston/Pittsburgh jerseys in effigy.


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