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Comparision Between Nhl Seasons 2010-2011 & 2011-2012


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Hello all,

I was bored at work so I made a chart comparing the NHL seasons of 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. The chart is shown below. The chart pretty much shows the winning/losing streaks throughout the two seasons.


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The main things that I took notice of in the above chart are the following:

1- The Canucks had two 4 game losing streaks in 2010-2011 but never lost more than 2 in a row in 2011-2012.

2- The Canucks had a long winning streak of 8 games in December 2010 but not in 2011.

3- Apart from the 8 game winning streak highlited in point No.2, the two seasons have been quite similar. As you can see, the winning trends are very similar with the difference being that their occured a bit earlier in the season of 2010-2011. One might say that this fact indicates that the Canucks are "peaking" a couple of weeks later than last year.

Anyways, I just found the data interesting and thought I'd share it.

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Guest The Brown Burrows

Given that chart, we are more consistent this year.

Hopefully we continue our winning streak into the playoffs!

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The chart simply shows that we are on average a bit more consistant.. But its clear that the team hasn't gone on any huge streaks this season until recently. But given that the back to back seasons seem to be trending... It excites me that we are on a lagged pace (by a few weeks). That just means that the team is ready to kick it into high gear.

Makes sense that the team is a few weeks off pace considering they had the shorter off season.

I'm so excited for the playoffs & for beast mode!!

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The team is still keeping pace with last season in terms of points, but a lot has to do with the shootout success (All those shootouts back in FEB).

Last year's team had 50 Regulation / OT wins alone. They also lead the NHL in pretty much every significant stat.

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