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[Proposal] Columbus (No Nash/schneider)

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At Draft


Vinny Prospal


Mason Raymond (rights)

3rd Round Pick

Prospal - 37 year old, play making top 6 winger. Posted 36 assists this year (more than any forward not named Sedin on this team), and a total of 51 points. Outside of 2010, has been a healthy player and missed very little action.

He has another year at 2.5 million dollars, so from a cap perspective it would be a wash (assuming Raymond was qualified, re-signed etc).

Vermette who I believe is comparable value wise (less offensive, more defense, younger but higher caphit/longer term) netted a 2nd, and a conditional 5th.

This gives Columbus a younger player who has shown to be a top 6 player, but is having a weak year. Prospal obviously isn't part of the long term plan in Columbus, and Raymond has the potential to replace his offense long term.

Booth Kesler Prospal <--- 2 shooters and a passer

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Guest The Brown Burrows

I actually have Prospal on my radar like you do.

* I can see Kesler going back to 70+ and Booth hitting 55+ with Vinny.

He would be a good addition to our team but I'd rather see MG bring in a younger more skilled player (hoping for a superstar, not necessarily Parise). I'd rather see us spend more money on the Top 6 F / Top 4 D; maybe it'll bring us a cup (lots of players are willing to sign for bottom 6 / depth D positions at under a 1.5 million cap hit.

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Considering Prospal always seems to be a cheap UFA signing every year I don't really think MG has much interest in him.

Prospal came off of 23 points in 29 games and signed for 1.75. Marco Sturm came off 16 points in 35 games and we signed him for 2.5.

Either 1) Prospal didn't want to come to Vancouver or 2) MG really had no interested and would rather have taken the gamble on Sturm for a higher price.

Don't really known why there is so little interest in this guy. Winger good for 50+ points per season (when healthy) with decent size having to sign for under 2 million with CBJ of all teams? I would do this trade in a heart beat though. Pretty good proposal.

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Why? His celebrations (especially the ones you posted) aren't even that bad. Definitely doesn't seem like he scored an OT game 7 goal at all.

What, so a guy can't be happy when he scores a goal anymore? At least he doesn't act like Ovechkin.

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