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10 Things I Hate About This Site


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10 Things I Hate About This Site

1.    Editing doesn't work

2.    No drop down menu to link to other forums

3.    Can't find your own comments through "my content"

4.    Still can't handle high traffic volumes without crashing

5.    Can't quote to infinity

6.    Link to mods too hard to find

7.    Posting function slow or faulty

8.    Search doesn't work

9.    Get "Driver Error" message when I'm the only one on the site

10.    Editing still doesn't work.

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Multiquote still doesn't work for me and when I click quote it always pastes the quote twice in a row in my box so I have to go and delete one. Sometimes the upper bar glitches up and I can't sign in from certain screens.

I kind of started posting on the HF boards more often because of it but I do still occasionally swing by when I am feeling patient haha.

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