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Who Do You Want To See The Canucks Face In Round 1?



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With everything thats going on right now, Presidents trophy race , injuries of players, returns of players, goalie Contraversy, it seems like we might have over looked the fact, that our potentiall opponent is pretty much set. It will be either the Phoenix Coyotes or the San Jose Sharks.

For some reason, Oiler fans and Flames fans are always hanging around here, I like to hear only from Canucks fans.

Who do you want the Canucks to face in round 1? Simple question. Please put in why.

My Choice?

San Jose Sharks

First off.

Phoenix Coyotes. Roberto Luongo has been having trouble with these guys this season. They are extremely well coached, and they play a system that forces the opposition to shoot only at goalie from a stoppable angle. They play a very tight defensive game, and much more difficult opponent to play against. They might not be as fast or as big as San Jose, but their system is much more effective thus making them a much difficult opponent to play against then San Jose.

San Jose Sharks. Them trading Heatly for Havlat , made them take a step `back` on foward depth. They lost Ian White, but got back Brent Burns. Brent burns was aquired by trading away Setogouchi. Goaltending is ok for them, quite consistent all season long, but we are 3-1 against them , and to add to that, we beat em in 5 games last playoffs.

I think the Cancuks should beat any of these 2 guys in less then 7 games. 6 tops, I am expecting we should beat any of these guys in 5 or 6. There shouldn`t be 7 games, if there is, it`s going to be tough in the later rounds, but you get my point.

So who do guys rather see the Canucks face in round 1

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There have been quite a few topics about this before.

Still, I'll amuse you. I was gonna say Phoenix, but I'm worried about Smith going all "Tim Thomas"-y on us. So I'll go with San Jose, whom we can outscore.

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I was just about to make a thread on this!

Personally I would choose SJ

Canucks seem to play well against them and I think they play a more open style than PHX or LA

Also goalies Jonathon Quick of LA and Mike Smith of PHX have been lights out as of late. They would make scoring for the Canucks a lot more difficult than Niemi.

Sure Niemi has won a cup, but I'd say he's not as consistent as the two names above (with regards to this season)

Plus I just hate the Sharks more than LA or PHX and would love to send Dumbo Joe, Logan "my teeth hurt" Couture and the rest of that goon squad packing!

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I would like to see the Canucks play the Sharks, but I think we end up playing the Yotes. Sharks were great tonight, especially on the man advantage (3 for 6)!

I think they may beat the Kings again on Saturday, and depending on what Chicago does against Detroit, CHI could end up staying 6th and playing the winner of the Pacific (Sharks, LA or PHX), or end up 5th and have to play Nashville. I hope they have to play Nashville, Rinne is a monster in the net against them.

I guess there is a part of me that hopes that CHI makes it past the 1st round so we can exact our revenge for the Keith hit on DS.

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L.A. is a possibility as well. Out of the 3 possible opponents, I'd probably choose the Kings. I don't care that the Sharks have had to fight for their playoff lives down the stretch here, I still see them as one of the top teams in the West. I think we could beat them but they're just not a preferable opponent to have to deal with in the 1st round. The Coyotes aren't that great a team but they have a hot goalie in Mike Smith, who I'm predicting will nab the 3rd Vezina nomination behind Lundqvist and Quick, and we all are aware how the Canucks struggle against teams that employ a stifiling defensive system like the Coyotes do. That leaves the Kings, and although they also have a Vezina candidate in net and play a defensive game, they just seem like the easier opponent. Might have something to do with the fact it seems the Canucks are in their heads. I think the Canucks could handle them easily in the playoffs, whereas you could see Phoenix potentially pull off some sort of an upset if Smith is in God mode and the Canucks' offense can't find a groove against them.

My dream scenario, assuming the Canucks do finish 1st in the conference, is the Coyotes finish 1st in the Pacific Division and 3rd in the conference and play the Hawks in the first round, the Sharks finish in 7th and have to deal with the Blues, and the Kings finish 8th and play the Canucks.

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I would go either way, but what do we know now tonight? Hah, nothing is settled, with one game remaining, every position is still in play.

1 Van or St Louis vs 8 LA, SJS, or Pho

2 St Louis or Van vs 7 LA, SJS, or Pho

3 LA, SJS or Pho vs 6 Chicago or Detroit

4 NSH or Detroit vs 5 Chicago or Detroit or Nashville(but only if Nash loses and detroit wins)

Chicago beat detroit 3-2 in December

Detroit beat CHicago 3-2 twice in January but both in OT

Chicago Beat Detroit 2-1 in feb and again in march both in regulation

They play again on saturday.

If chicago wins in regulation they are 5th, if they win in OT they still get fifth by the third tie breaker. Detroit keeps fifth if they win, period.

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