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Simple topic - rank the Canucks forwards from 1-15. 1 obviously being the best. Rank the players based on their play as of today disregarding position.

I'll start:

1. Kesler

2. Daniel

3. Henrik

4. Burrows

5. Higgins

6. Booth

7. Hansen

8. Lapierre

9. Palsson

10. Raymond

11. Kassian

12. Bitz

13. Maholtra

14. Ebbett

15. Weise

This is not based on expectations, salary or what they've done in the past. Most effective players right now.

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I don't get it, are we ranking them based on their overall talent, or their ability (and consistency) in doing what they're paid to do?

If it's the latter, then Lapierre, for me, should be top 3. He's regularly stirring things up, fighting, scoring, or bringing energy in. I think he's exceeded my expectations this year, whereas almost everyone in the top 6 has failed to live up to theirs

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