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Towel Power: Unofficial Vancouver Canucks Playoff Towel Archives Project


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Hey Canucks fans!

I'm working to put together an archive of every Canucks playoff towel ever made for future generations of hockey fans to enjoy! My plan is to create a set for the Canucks to display at Rogers Arena, and just a regular archive which I will work to preserve until I die (which, hopefully, won't happen for a really, really long time). I have started a blog using Blogger which will have regular "Towel of the Month" entries as well as updates on how the archive is going. I will soon be creating a Facebook page for the archives as well as possibly a full website depending on how popular the other two pages get.

Blog: http://towel-power-i...7.blogspot.com/


But I know that to make this work, I need the help of every awesome Canucks fan there is! Follow the blog and the soon to be Facebook page to show your interest. If you want to contribute to the project with a towel of your own, whether as a donation or to sell, let me know on the message boards on Blogger or Facebook. Cheers and Go Canucks Go!


P.S. I'm not affiliated with the Canucks, I'm just a regular fan.

UPDATE: In a little over two and a half hours, we have had over one hundred views! But the big question is who's going to be our first SUPPORTER? I will also be opening the Facebook page for the Archives later this evening.

6:25 pm UPDATE: The Facebook site is now up and running! Become a Towel Power Supporter by using the link above! We also have gotten our first supporter! Thank you!

7:54 UPDATE: 200 viewers plateau hit! Don't forget to support!

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