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Kings-Canucks Individual Player Breakdown


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So the Kings are our 1st round opponent and while they won't be as easy to beat as this Sharks team who not only got smaller with their trades (getting rid of McGinn), but have always had a tough time against the Canucks, we have to look at how our boys matchup against the Kings.

Sure they have one of the worst offences in the league but arguably the best goalie and defence in the league which has proven to be a kryptonite of the Canucks this and last season. Here's how each roster stacks up against each other (assuming Daniel is NOT ready to start):

1st Line Center: Henrik > Kopitar (better passer, more clutch, not as good a scorer but better leader)

1st Line Winger: Burrows = Brown (similar point/goal totals, both very physical, both great PKers)

1st Line Winger: Williams > Ebbett (actually only marginally, Ebbett is scoring at a 20-goal clip)

2nd Line Center: Kesler > Richards (very similar players, Kesler is better offensively/defensively)

2nd Line Winger: Booth > Richardson (not even a close comparison, Gagne is injured)

2nd Line Winger: Carter > Raymond (not even close)

3rd Line Center: Pahlsson > Stoll (only slightly, very similar point paces and faceoff abilities)

3rd Line Winger: Higgins > King (similar point paces but Higgins is more consistent)

3rd Line Winger: Hansen > Lewis (not even close)

4th Line Center: Lapierre > Penner (not even close)

4th Line Winger: Malhotra > Nolan (only slightly offensively but Malhotra is a better PKer)

4th Line Winger: Bitz > Clifford (bigger physically, more offensive talent)

1st Defenceman: Edler > Doughty (more points, better hitter, better defensively)

2nd Defenceman: Hamhuis > Mitchell (more points, better shot, better defensively)

3rd Defenceman: Bieksa > Scuderi (more points, better defensively)

4th Defenceman: Voynov > Salo (only slightly, very similar players but Voynov is scoring more)

5th Defenceman: Greene > Rome (more offence, better defensively, better physically)

6th Defenceman: Tanev = Martinez (Martinez is better offensively, Tanev better defensively)

1st Goalie: Quick > Luongo (not even close)

2nd Goalie: Schneider > Bernier (not even close)

So there you have it, a complete roster breakdown based on the ice time and lines thrown out over the last few games. I believe we have 12 players better at certain positions than the Kings team who have 5 better than ours and 2 are equal.

In summary, we have very similar top-end offensive talent (with Daniel out of the lineup), very similar top lines but we have much more offensive depth and the Kings 3rd and 4th lines have been invisible for most of the season.

On defence we have better top-end talent but they have a much better bottom defensive pairing which almost evens up the fact that we have greater offensive depth than them.

That leads the tie-breaker to goaltending which Quick wins over Luongo quite easily based on the regular season. Something to note is that Quick has played 68 games this season so may well become fatigued in a long playoff series while Luongo is fresher than he's ever been thanks to Schneider playing so often.

This has the potential to go 6 or 7 games easily.

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Williams > Ebbett means that Williams is better than Ebbett guys, common.

And just based on the regular season, Quick is by far the better goalie of the two.

Quick has 35 wins, Luongo has 31.

Quick has an 0.929 save %, Luongo has an 0.919 save %

Quick has a rediculous 1.95 GAA, Luongo has a 2.41 GAA

Quick has 10 shutouts, Luongo has 5 shutouts.

What's most impressive is the fact that the Kings have scored the 2nd least goals in the NHL and are still somehow making the playoffs. Most of Quick's wins have been earned by him carrying the team on very little firepower, as opposed to Luongo who has been bailed out by his forwards on a few occasions.

The only difference-maker is games played and playoff performance. Luongo is far more clutch than Quick, and Quick has played 68 regular season games - 13 more than Luongo, so fatigue will definately become an issue if this series goes the distance. However fatigue and "clutch performances" can't be measured, so based on what can be statistically compared, Quick is the better goalie.

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