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Match ups

New York Rangers vs Ottawa Senators

Boston Bruins vs Washington Capitals

Florida Panthers vs New Jersey Devils

Philadelphia Flyers vs Pittsburgh Penguins

Vancouver Canucks vs Los Angels Kings

St Louis Blues vs San Jose Sharks

Phoenix Coyotes vs Chicago Blackhawks

Nashville Predators vs Detroit Red Wings

New York should take out Ottawa without too much trouble. Possible sweep here.

Boston will have minimal trouble with Washington. This might go 6.

Florida will be upset by New Jersey. Devils in 6.

Pittsburgh will beat Phily in great series. Pens in 6 or 7.

I will take the Pens to upset the Bruins the 2nd round. Great series here

New Jersey will lose to New york in 6.

Rangers vs Penguins in ECF. Pens to final in 7.

Canucks should be able to get past the kings. But there are question marks with the Canucks. Missing one Sedin and some on ice issues that have been ailing the team for some time. Hopefully this first series see the Canucks find their form and gets them playing the way we all know they can. Canucks in 6 or less.

Blues will have trouble with the Sharks and there is a chance of an upset here but I will take the blues in 6 or 7.

Hawks will beat Coyotes in 6.

Nashville and Detroit is and interesting one that could go either way. I will take the Preds though in 7.

Which puts the Canucks playing the Hawks again in the 2nd round. Canucks in 6.

The best series in the playoffs could be the Blues and the Preds. Not for goals but for hits. This will be smash mouth hockey at its ultimate in the modern game. Preds will win a long war in 7. Why the Preds. Simple. I absolutely do not want to see a team which plays like New Jersey to be successful. It is bad for the game. To have a team like the Blues make it to the WCF would absolutely kill the etertainment value of the WCF. Nothing worse then boring hockey. The series between the Preds and Blues is fairly even so I will take the team that I would rather watch play the Canucks in the WCF strictly on an entertainment value of what i am watching basis.

WCF. Canucks - Predators. any takers on a winner here? Canucks will need their A game big time to win this. Either team is capable and deserving of a SCF appearance.

I've got bad news for everybody. I have the Pens as the out right favorite for the Cup.

I would love to see the Canucks take them on. But i honestly don't know if we can win that series. The odds going in would put us as the underdog for sure.

any comments. please share. Be reasonable and intelligent please. This is a hockey discussion. Bring your brain and not just your heart please.

Thanks Kazakh man. I made a too many beers boo boo. ha ha. had to make some modifications.

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NYR in 6

New york really struggled against the sens this season ( 1-3 ). Lundqvist wont let NYR lose though, but they will have some slips.


BOS in 7

Boston sturggled against the caps this year ( also 1-3 ). Caps are also a really good team that underachived this year. But the bruins are a deeeper team, and the caps are not a good playoff team.


NJD in 6

NJD is a 100 point team, FLO barley made it into the playoffs. NJD should take this one easily.


PHI in 7

This will be a blood bath, and crosby and malkin are gonna be abused a lot. Philly have been great against the pens this season. ( 4-2) It will be close.


Van in 5

Van will be pumped for the playoffs and come out flying. Canucks defense and goaltending is too good for a bad LA offense. LA will give Canucks a scare with Quik standing on his head.


STL in 6

SJ will push STL a bit but STL will grind it out and take it in 6.


Phx in 7

Phx has been great agaist Chi this season. Mike Smith will stand on his head.


Det in 7

This will be close but a healthy DET team is scary, they take it.

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Completely disagree, barring the lock-out ruining us (again) next year is probably our biggest window. Will still have all the 'sweet-heart' deals on the books as well as the asset we will get from one of our goalies.

2013/14 is when it will start to get dicey (Burrows,Edler, Higgins, Manny, Max) and 14/15 the team is completely open ended.

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