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Watching Canuck Games Online?


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Where can I watch Canuck games online. I am not talking about free streaming, I would like to buy a playoff package where I can watch games at a time I want since I live in a inconvenient time zone when the games are played.

Thank you in advanced.

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Lived in Dubai a while myself so big ups to all you frost bitten canuckleheads living in the middle east :towel: . Dubai is a surprisingly off-the-whip party town. Was at Wild Wadi last year and had the pleasure of seeing a smoking hot girl lose her bikini coming down that massive water slide.

I'm in Singapore now and swear by gamecenter. I'd be frikin lost without it actually. The only other option I had here is ASN network, and they showed maybe 3 Canucks games the entire year. OP, do NHL gamecenter, it has all the games live, and it's not expensive at all. Plus, since I can't always watch at 7 am or 10 am when most of the games are live, logging in once the game is over will start it again from jump, at which point I can forward through the game highlights as they are are marked - + I really dig the ability to replay stuff.

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